Welcome To My Life

{my story}
So I can let things out. This is me, in my entirety. Welcome to my life.
(True Story)
*may be triggering*

-If you need to talk I'll always be here.-


22. the glow

~okay this is back to the story, sorry about the last two. So I did tell my mom that I cut again. Much to my surprise it didn't go bad.. She hit me, but she didn't cry, so that made me happier. Thanks to everyone, I love you all so much.~

I was walking. The sun had finally peeked out a bit through the clouds- not a metaphor, I mean it literally. The weather had been so messed up this winter. The sun warmed the concrete and I could feel it smooth against my skin like someone ran it under warm water, and it made goosebumps on my skin. I could still feel the cold breeze nip angrily against my nose and cheeks and I still felt obliged to tighten my flannel shirt around me so to not feel it quite as much. My breathe came out into the air in small puffs of smoke and my old worn converses bounced off the sidewalk as I made a small hop up into our neighborhood playground and to a small swing set. The swing set was strangely nowhere near the playground and the swings hung limply from the rings, the baby swing had completely fallen off. I sat on one, pushing myself off the mushy wet muddy ground. My shoes sunk into it before I was lifted higher. I made an annoyed face as I realized that my shoe had fallen off and slowed down, reaching down to grab it. A hand grasped my mouth and I yelled, whipping around and coming noes to noes with a high school boy that I have never met before. Who the heck is this.

He laughed, and a group of girls came out, all giggling. I recognized them all from the phone incident.

He let his hand fall from my mouth knowing I wouldn't scream.

"Who the crap are you people?" I asked with anger.

"Chill out," the guy said. "They're my guests to this neighborhood."

"Yeah!" One of the girls piped up. They continued to giggle.

"What do you want?" I hissed.

"We want you to come hang out with us!" This time it was the girl.

"Why would you or I want that?"

"Because we feel soooo bad about what happened." The girl said seriously. Just because she said it seriously did not mean I believed her.

"Please?" The girl said.

"No, I'm busy sorry." I said, leaning down and pulling on my shoe, standing up.

"But we already talked to your mom! She said you can stay all day!" Just then I felt my phone buzz.

Mom: have fun with your friend! :))

I noticed it said friend, and not friend. Meaning she thought it was only one person. She thought I was 'opening up' to other people. The color drained from my face. "Fine," I whispered. And I followed them to their house. I assumed it was the guys house and honestly it looked just like my house anyway.

"Go on in." He said, opening the door. "My parents have left for the day." We all walked in, me a little slower than the others obviously. He closed the door and walked over to a high cabinet. One that was plainly locked. He waved a key chain at us and the girls giggled again. I wondered if they had problems like lack of oxygen to the brain that may explain the high pitched noises escaping their mouths. He slid in the key and opened the doors, taking out a bottle of vodka.

"It's good, trust me," he said, shoving the entire bottle into my arms.


"Drink it." He commanded, watching me with a cool look.

"I can't, I really can't..." I trailed off, looking at his fists that had just clenched.

"I-" he punched me. Squarely in the jaw. I looked at him in shock as I struggled to hold the bottle.

"Drink it." He said again.

"I really can't!" I shouted at him, and he gave me a look of pity. One of the girls grabbed the bottle from me, but she didn't drink it. She set the bottle of the counter. I felt the air leave my body as he kneed me in the stomach. I dry heaved on his moms fancy carpet and held my stomach like I thought it was going to fall in two.

"Now," he said. "Drink."

He had opened the bottle and it hovered in front of my eyes. I grabbed it, glaring at him, and sipped from it.

"More." He said, crouching down. I growled but I took another sip. He tilted the bottle back while it was still in my mouth and my eyes widened as the liquid filled my lungs and stomach with foul taste. I coughed, shoving it away. It fell to the floor and began to spill onto it, he picked it up by the rim and shoved it into the trash. My mind felt fuzzy as I coughed and spit, the drink feeling as if it was about to spill out my noes and my eyes.

My mind got more and more fuzzy until everything was blurry and I felt like I could basically just fly away on a breeze.

"Don't worry," I heard the guy say. I laughed a little.

"Take this and this will all go away." He handed me something that felt like a pill and a glass of water. I chugged it down.

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