Welcome To My Life

{my story}
So I can let things out. This is me, in my entirety. Welcome to my life.
(True Story)
*may be triggering*

-If you need to talk I'll always be here.-


11. Ouch

Abigail: I'm at a friends house this week. Someone's house burned down so we gave them ours.

How nice of them.

That week she did not sit next to me in class. She sat next to Ginny Lynn and Madison. Figures, but- whatever. She still texted, so she still cared- right?

Me: they must be really grateful. Do I know who you're staying with?

Abigail; no.

I smiled and continued talking. Maybe it would be okay, I guess.

I rode in the car with Masons mom. I hadn't seen them in a while, they were taking me to school that day.

"So," his mom said. "You're Abigail's friend?" I nodded a yes with a bright smile.

"I was on Facebook," she continued. "Apparently they had to give their house to someone else to stay at and they're staying at Ginny Lynn's and Madison's!" I felt my face pale a bit and I turned and looked out the window. Why didn't she just tell me that?

I felt my stomach turn and a knot begin in my chest. She didn't sit with me that day either.

"Hi:)" I texted to Hayley. I hadn't talked to her in a while. I hoped she wanted to be my friend... She used to be my best friend...

"Hey!!! :D what's up??" Flashed on my screen less then a minute later. I smiled then frowned, noticing Abigail read one of my messages and didn't reply. I sighed. Whatever. She kept changing it to where I could see she read and then not every other day. Oh well. Oh well, oh well, oh well- I typed a reply to Hayley.

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