Welcome To My Life

{my story}
So I can let things out. This is me, in my entirety. Welcome to my life.
(True Story)
*may be triggering*

-If you need to talk I'll always be here.-


32. Bubbles

Dan left on a work trip before my mom died and he still wasn't home yet, although he calls every night, so it was just Tony and I. Tony drummed his fingers on the wheel as I stared out the window and sank further into my sweatshirt. Sweat beaded on my forehead. But there was no way I was taking it off.

"Soo..." Tony said, looking over at me. "How are you holding up, kiddo?" I shrugged. As well as I could be. I didn't stay at her funeral for very long. I locked myself in the bathroom until it was over.

"Really," he tried again. This time I looked over at him.

"Not that great, but not too bad."

"Thanks helpful." He said sarcastically. I laughed at that.

"What do you wanna do. Like, get your eyebrows done, that's what girls do right?" I laughed again.

"It's fine, Tony."

"But what do you wanna do?!" He whined, slamming his fist against the horn when someone cut us off.

"Um..." I thought. "Can we go see a movie?"

"YES!" He shouted, turning the car around. "SHE HAS SPOKEN."

About thirty minutes later we were in line for Edge Of Tomorrow. It wasn't my first choice, but I wanted to see it. He shoved 3D glasses onto the bridge of my noise as we waited for popcorn.

"Tony, what the hell?" I laughed, sliding them off and shoving them back at him. I glanced behind his shoulder and saw some guys staring at me. (Mostly at my boobs). I frowned at them and Tony whipped around.

"HEY YOU FOOLS!" He shouted. "WATCH WHERE YA LOOKIN'." The guys scattered. I shoved Tony playfully.

"What if I liked it?" I asked jokingly.

"Then I'd lock you in the basement until you learned some sense in handsome looks." He said back, pretending to flip his hair. I rolled my eyes.

"What size popcorn do you want?" He asked me. I immediately paled. I was already over my calories, I didn't want to eat any more.

"Uh... I'm good." I mumbled.

"Haha, you're funny, what size." He said.

"No really, I'm good." He glared at me.

"Listen, you have not eaten in six hours. We are at the movies. You are eating popcorn."

"But Tony-"

"Don't but me or I'm getting you a large."

I ate the popcorn.

Not less than twenty four hours later and I was sick. Tony was in big protective guy mode. He was completely hyped up on caffeine and I don't think he slept at all because he was so busy springing from bed when he heard me throwing up.

He broke my door.


I was watching a tv show on an iPad, not mine obviously I was borrowing, and someone screamed on the show.

And he kicked. Down. The. Door.

I love my cousins but oh my gosh I'm never getting married ever.

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