Welcome To My Life

{my story}
So I can let things out. This is me, in my entirety. Welcome to my life.
(True Story)
*may be triggering*

-If you need to talk I'll always be here.-


34. Beach Camp

(I have a lot to catch up on before present day, so I guess I better start.)

I sucked in cool air as I gripped my coffee cup in one hand and my bags in the other. People shuffled around me and my heart thundered in my ears.

"What size shirt?" Someone asked me.

"Small." I said. They handed it over and I slung it over my shoulder.

"Hey, you'll have a great time!" Dan said, nudging my shoulder. I gave him a tight smile with a nod. I was going to a church beach camp.

"We promise." Tony added.

"If I end up not having a good time, I'm suing you both." I grumbled. They just shrugged with identical smiles. I heard someone yell to get into a car and I frowned slightly, looking for anyone that I even knew a little bit. Not finding anyone I climbed into a random car. Blaire, someone who sings at our church climbed into the front seat and all boys crowded me. The car started and I put in my headphones, trying to ignore the blaring pop music I wasn't that in love with.

Derek turned out to be the most aggravating of the group. He had long hair, longer than mine, and he had no clue about personal space. I mostly felt bad for the guy in the middle though.

We pulled up at a tall building, Turn Down For What screaming out of the speakers and the windows rolled down. The car shut off as we looked up at the hotel for a second.

"It's nice." Blaire assured us. I nodded but it was gone unnoticed. We all got out of the car and joined the growing crowd that was around a grown up calling room numbers. I turned towards someone in my room and grabbed my bags that had been taken out of the car and followed them to the room. They all changed into bathing suits and ran out of the door. I gave a small sigh and stared at my bathing suit. Maybe? I shook my head. No way, not today. I kicked off my vans and slipped on flip flops, pulling my hair into a pony tail before following them out of the room and to the elevator. We went down and I tagged behind them onto the white sand. I left my shoes behind and went to the water. They splashed in the shallows as I stood there and looked at the water, digging my feet into the sand. No one said hi to me. My shoulders slumped down. As much as I could figure out by listening all of the girls in my room had known each other since third grade. I couldn't compete with that.

"Hey," I heard a voice say, a chubby hand pulling at my shirt.

"Yeah?" I asked, looking down at this little southern kid. He waved a camera in my face.

"Will you take a picture with me?" He said.

"Oh um..." I looked down at his pleading face.

"You're pretty." He said, waving his camera again.

"Okay." I said with a small smile. He smiled a huge grin and held his camera out and I leaned down. His little arm wrapped around half of my waist and his chest puffed out real big. I giggled as he snapped the picture.

"Thanks." He said before running off. I smiled a bit and looked back at the rest of the girls. They hadn't even noticed. I sighed. This might be a long week.

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