Ongoing Suspisions

Can one accident destroy a life forever? Can you escape the past? Can you start over? Begin a new life and forget the old?


4. Escape

The next thing I knew I was in a jail cell with three guys and two girls.  “What you in for?” One of the girls asked. Her voice was manly and she even looked manly. She was built like a brick house and her face just look like a man’s. All her feature’s resembled those of a man.

“Murder, you?” I tried to sound like I wasn’t afraid even though I was terrified.

“Murderer eh? You don’t look like one.” She got in my face. “You look like a victim. A victim of mine. Perhaps you will be.” I gulped.

“Leave her alone Tina.” One of the guys said. His sleeves were rolled up so you can see the tattoos on his both his forearms. His hair was black and messy, but his eyes seemed to be glowing. His bright green eyes drew me in.

“I’m just trying to have fun.” She backed off and sat in a corner of the cell as the man knelt in front of me. He moved my hair out of my eyes and looked into them.

“She is right though. You don’t look like a killer. You look to.” He paused as if trying to think of a word. “Innocent.” I shrugged. He came closer which made me back off as almost as if was a reflex.  “Are you afraid of me?”

“No. Sorry it’s like a reflex.”


“What are you in for?” His face twisted as if he was repulsed by the answer he was going to give. I looked away from his gaze.

“I’m not a monster.” I looked back at him. “They say something is wrong with my brain. I don’t know if I believe in that crap though."



“It’s Psychology. There could be something wrong. Well maybe not wrong. Just different. Just misused.” He stared at me. “I learned it in college.”

“How did you get yourself in this kind of trouble? You’re too smart to be here.”

“It was an accident but it doesn’t matter to anyone if it was accidental or not. Not even to someone who says they love you.” The man looked like he was about to say something till the guards came around. It was time to see visitors. To my surprise I saw Carter sitting at the other side of the window. I picked up the phone and listened to the sound of his voice.

“How are you doing Aubree?” I didn’t answer I just stared at him in hatred. “I’m sorry I had to do this. Don’t you see? It wasn’t right. You killed someone. I do love you.”

“Stop saying that!” I snapped. “You don’t love me! You condemned me to death! You’re an asshole!” The guards began to pull me away from the wall but I kept on screaming. The guards put me back in my cell. “Let me out!” I grabbed onto the bars and try to rip them apart even though I knew I couldn’t.

Later my inmates came back and most of them fell asleep besides the tattooed man. “What happened in there?” I shrugged. He looked at me and his look just showed that he didn’t buy that for a minute.

“It was my boyfriend…or well ex you could say I guess. He.” I stopped my sentence and I finally let my eyes show sadness because I honestly couldn’t hide it any longer.


“He is the reason the cops found out that I killed Charlotte.” He patted my leg.

“He shouldn’t have done that.”

“I don’t know. I did kill someone. Maybe I do deserve to be here.”

“Whether you do or don’t he shouldn’t have. I know if…if I had a girl like you I wouldn’t want to lose you. Such beauty shouldn’t be wasted.” I blushed a little but tried to hide it.

“I never got your name by the way.”

“I’m Sebastian and you are?”


“That’s a pretty name.” I smiled.

“So are you going to tell me how you got in here?” He sighed.

“I was going through a lot. My family thought poorly of me. Said I was a waste of life. Even my girlfriend got sick of me. Said I had a lack of ambition and didn’t care for what the future holds. I tried, I tried so hard. I was always there for them but that wasn’t good enough. Finally I just lost it and ended up hurting them badly. I didn’t kill them or at least I don’t think I did. I didn’t mean to lose it like that. Please don’t think badly of me.”

“Who am I to judge? I killed my best friend.” He sighed and leaned against the wall. “You’re no more of a monster than I am.” He shrugged. Silence filled the air for a while. “I don’t want to be here.” He looked at me. “I know I just got here but I already miss the sun beating on my face. I miss school. I miss my friends. I miss Charlotte most of all. I was scared and I'm still scared. Fear is an ugly beast. ” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close.

“You don’t belong here.” I buried my head into his chest trying to hold back the tears. “I know you’re scared. I was to at first. You don’t have to hide it. I will never think badly of you.”

“Why not? I’m capable of murder. I’m capable of ending someone’s life and that one life destroys so many others.” He didn’t reply.

“I will get you out of here.” That thought for some reason gave me a peace of mind. Maybe because I was hopeful. Hope can keep someone going till the day they die.
Weeks have passed and Sebastian thought of a way to escape. Only two guards take us out of our cell into the cafeteria. All we have to do is knock out those two guards, hide the bodies, take their uniforms and sneak out. It actually isn’t difficult at all. We carried out the plan.
We hid the guard’s bodies in our cell. “Good luck you two.” Tina said with a smile. We nodded and covered our faces with the hats. It was as easy as that. I walked out and took in the radiant sun. We walked for miles and miles. We got rid of the uniforms, changed our hair color, cut our hair, and took showers at a motel nearby. We changed our names and scrapped up some cash that we “found.” Okay we stole it but not a lot. My hair was now jet black and Sebastian’s was a light brown.

I looked in my mirror not even recognizing myself, but I didn’t care. I was free.  “Thank you so much!” I turned to Sebastian, wrapped my hands around his head and pressed my lips against his. I stopped once I realized what I was doing. “Uh sorry.” I forgot we weren’t together. Ever since I got to jail it seemed like we were. Maybe it was fate or maybe a streak of bad luck finally coming to an end.

“Don’t apologize.” He wrapped his muscular arms around my waist, pulling me in as close as possible and pressing his lips gently onto mine. He slowly deepened the kiss and wouldn’t stop kissing me. It was as if he did he might lose me but the thing is I didn’t want him to stop. He eventually stopped but just looked into my eyes.

“It’s a new start for both of us.” He smiled and nodded as he rubbed his hand up and down on my back. I thought of the cops looking for us, but then I thought that they never would find us. We are far away now. If I lose Aubree and become someone else how could they? My new name is now Harper and Sebastian is now Logan. We are good people. Always looking out for others. Always minding our own business. Working hard. But most importantly we are together and we love who we are.

It is true though that the cops never found out why I did what I did. They just didn't care at the time. Now it is just speculation.

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