Tis But A Zombie Story

Zombies. Brainless. Walkers. Viruses. Death. Romance. Emma, Lionel, Barnabus, and many others fight in a world gone haywire.


3. Chapter 3

Emma and her two companions follow Derek into an office area. On their way there, Emma notices that all the windows where covered and doors where locked. The power was on however, just not the lights.

Derek directed the three travelers by flash light. On e they where in the office area, Derek flipped on the lights looking around. The room was empty except for the four who had just entered. Cora stood outside, waiting, a annoyed look on her face.

"So, where are you three from?" Derek asks, setting his fun down on a counter. Behind the counter were papers and a computer. Derek moves around some papers before sitting down and propping his feet up on the counter.

Emma was looking around and not really paying attention so Lionel answers, "Um, just a ways away. We came from the border of Virginia and we just kinda... Drove." Lionel runs the back of his neck, clearly uncomfortable as Derek stares at the three people.

"Yeah, well, meeting all these... Nice, friendly people, has been a good experience, and maybe this is the safer place I have seen, but we really need to leave." Emma looks at Derek, shoving her hands in her back pockets.

"Why do you want to leave so soon? I don't even know your name." Derek smirks, and Emma sighs.

"My name's Emma, this is Momo, and that's Lionel." She points at Marina and then Lionel. "In all honesty, you may think this place is secure, but there are security problems all over the place. This place is too large. If you become cornered then there is no way in hell that you and all your friends can get out of here. Also, don't use shot guns, it attracts them with the noise." She looks annoyed, glaring at him.

The glaring only amuses Derek, "well, yes, but this building is only our meeting building. We are also out in the middle of nowhere and... Well, there aren't many people, so," Derek stands up, walking towards her, "you have, quite a few options." He towered over her, trying to be the bigger person. He stood directly in front of her, staring down at her, "you can, run away with Momiji and Liontail, you can, run away without Momami and Liòn, you can stay here and those two can leave, or you can stay here with those two and we can figure out some other stuff."

Derek stares down at her, trying to be intimidating. Emma stares up at him, "You are as intimidating as Marina when she was two and trying to beat me with a toy bat because I wouldn't give her some pudding." Derek blinks, his posture obviously diminishing.

"Who the hell are you?" He asks, staring at the short girl who just looks at him with an uncaring expression.

"I'm just kinda going with the flow right now. How tall are you, Derek? Like, 6'4?" Emma states at him, and he just nods, looking confused.

"You know, my height has no relevance-" Emma cuts Derek off.

"I'm judging how hard it will be to slay you when you turn into a Zombie. I would rather not have to, but judging by how much of an idiot you are being, it seems pretty obvious that you may become one soon." Emma says, sitting down and putting her hair in a pony tail. "now then, to make myself and my friends feel safer, I want to know your plans for an invasion and any back up plans or houses you may have."

Derek looks at her like she's crazy, "now why would I-"

"Stop, arguing please." Emma massages her forehead, running a hand through her hair.

"Could you, not interrupt me-"

"No." Emma smirks, staring at Derek and resting her chin on her hand. He twitches, annoyed. Marina was standing next to Lionel who was giving her a strange look.

"Emma, I don't think it's smart to annoy the leader of this whole operation." Lionel, try's to explain but Emma just waves him off. "I'm tired, I want to sleep, my car is full of weapons and I only want to keep the ones that don't make a loud bang when I use them. That shall be my contribution. Now then..." Emma stands, walking over to Marina and Lionel, "You two are staying here."

The two begin to protest but she cuts them off, "I have to go and find what caused this. I'll leave the can here, I'll take a few weapons, and I'll leave." She looks at the two. Marina looked like she was about to cry and Lionel wasn't looking at Emma because he believed he was too manly to cry. "Derek, take care of-"

"I'm coming with you." Derek cuts her off and Emma blinks, staring at him. He smirks and she looks away, watching Marina and Lionel. "I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I knew you where out there alone." Emma rolls her eyes and Cora walks in.

"I'm coming to." She looks at Derek who sighs, "no matter what you say, I'm going. Where ever Derek goes I'm going."

"No!" Derek and Emma say at the same time. Derek looks at Emma, who continues to look at Cora, annoyed.

"I'm not going to let my little sister die because I couldn't stop her teenage rebellion." Derek says, watching Cora.

"I'm 17!" Cora yells and Derek hushes her.

"So? I'm 23 and do you see me complaining?" Derek sits Cora down, "it's dangerous. I don't want you to end up like O'Malley from two doors down." Derek sighs.

"But, I can fight! I defeated the ones who came after us and, and I can do it again!" She says, sounding like a child trying to get an adult to let them get a pet dog.

Emma rolls her eyes, "fine then, but what if D-train over there turns into one of them... Will you be able to take him out? Because if you don't, I will." Emma stares down at Cora, watching as the girl squirms in her chair.

"How can you be so heartless?" Cora asks, staring up at Emma who just laughs.

"Me? Oh, I've watched as my father tore into my mother. Tearing off piece after piece with his teeth. I watched as he stood up, walked away from my mothers lifeless corpse, and you know what I did?" Emma stares, unblinking, at Cora, "I slammed a bat so hard against his head that his skull caved in. The. I did it to my mom to make sure she didn't come back either." Emma leans against the counter, watching the horrified look on Cora's face.

"I'm only 18, just graduated high-school, top of my class, and now I'm bashing in the heads of the people I love." Emma runs a hand through her hair and Marina comes over, hugging her. Emma strokes her younger sisters hair, sighing, "Marina is 16, bout to be 17 soon." Emma stares down at her, sighing.

"Be careful, Rawrbert." Marina says, looking up at Emma. They have each other nicknames when they were younger and they just kinda fit. Lionel agrees, patting Emma on the shoulder.

"Cora, you are staying here. Me and Ms. Independence over there are going to need to get the mustang." Derek explains and Cora nods, sighing.

"We aren't leaving just yet... We need supplies." Emma explains, releasing Marina and looking at Derek. He nods, "I'll alert the others. I'll meet you back here in an hour, but for now, go get a shower or something." Derek walks out, leaving the Cora and the three alone.

"If I never see my brother again, I'm blaming you." Cora says gravely.

"If you never see him again, you'll probably never see me again." Emma shrugs, "alright, let's go get some showers." She looks at her two companions and heading out to go and find a shower with warm water and warm bodies.

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