Tis But A Zombie Story

Zombies. Brainless. Walkers. Viruses. Death. Romance. Emma, Lionel, Barnabus, and many others fight in a world gone haywire.


2. Chapter 2

The long night started to get to Emma while she was driving. She had left the house late at night and now it was about 3 in the morning. The other two where asleep and she didn't want to disturb them. Her eyes where beginning to droop. Emma needed to find a place to either stop and sleep or to switch out with Lionel.


For about twenty minutes Emma continued to drive, not seeing anything. Suddenly, something jumps out in front of her car and she slams on the breaks. She stares into the terrified eyes of a girl about her age. The girl mouths something that Emma can't seem to hear. Lionel was jerked awake and he looks at the girl before looking at Emma and says something that Emma can't hear either.


It took only a few seconds to unlock the doors, let the girl in, then lock the doors again and drive off. The girl had slick, red hair that stuck to her forehead because of perspiration. She had green eyes that shown with fear and something else that Emma couldn't seem to pin point. Marina moves blankets to the back of the van to give the other girl some more room to sit and buckle in.


"You weren't bit where you?" Marina asks, staring at the red head who just shakes her head, trying to  catch her breath.


"I have friends- We found a place- Of refuge." The redhead pants, her breathing slowly getting slower. Emma could hear it, but decided against it. "My names Cora. I escaped with my brothers and their friends. We took refuge at a barn, but it was over run with zombies. I don't know what happened to the others, but I have been running ever since." Marina glances at Cora whom she didn't quite trust.


"Did you have any place you wanted to meet up at or...?" Emma asks, glancing back at the redhead in her review mirror.


Cora nods, "They wanted to meet at the horse show place. The one with all the barns then the big arena at the center." She explains and Emma nods, knowing exactly where they were. They drove for a little while longer before reaching the place. It was the horse show area her and Lionel had been at the previous day. Emma pulled down the long drive way, glancing back at the girl. The redheads heart was racing, either out of nervousness or fear.


"Main arena." Cora directs, pointing. Emma just nods, knowing the place well. She glances at Marina who was making sure nothing was coming at them. Lionel was nervous. He could feel the tension in the car that Emma and Marina was giving off. The side of the main arena entrance opened and Emma drove in. Marina pulled out a shot gun and Cora just stared at the girl while she loaded it.


"You don't-"


"shush, we all know you're up to something. Shut up and deal with it." Emma snaps, keeping the door locked. None of the lights where on except the van's head lights which shown through the darkness. Cora looks out the window worriedly. Marina passes Emma a knife with a wicked looking blade. Lionel looked confused, but he accepted the sword Marina handed him.


"I guess we should get out now." Marina suggests and Emma nods.


"On three." Emma mutters, "But, Cora, get out."


Cora looks surprised at the sudden hostility in the girls voice. She nods, opening the door and getting out of the van. "Alright, one... Two... Three!" Emma yells, bursting out of the van in sync with the other two. they slam the doors shut, raising their weapons. Emma locks all the doors with the automatic key.


Lights flare up blinding the three who all still had their weapons drawn. The lights where coming from flashlights and the loading of guns and clanking of weapons could be heard through out the room. Emma's eyes adjusted quickly, staring at the people in front of her. Lionel and Marina where on the other side of the car, facing off a different group of their own.


Emma stared at Cora who was standing next to 3 other boys. They all had either brown or black hair. The two with black hair were standing on both sides of the one with brown hair. The brown haired one was holding the flashlight so she couldnt see his face properly, but that didnt really matter. What did matter was that they were holding guns which were aimed at Emma.


"Put your weapon down!" One of the black haired boys yell at Emma and she could hear others yelling the same thing at Marina and Lionel.


"Only if you put yours down. I came here because their where others and I didn't want that shady redhead in my car anymore." Emma says, pointing her knife at Cora. The boy with brown hair points the flashlight down so now Emma could get a clear look at him. He had bright green eyes like Cora, but he seemed older, more mature. He had scruff on his face which made him more appealing to look at.


The appealing boy made a motion towards the two beside him and they put their guns down. Emma puts the knife in its sheath, keeping an eye on the boys. Marina and Lionel joined Emma on the other side of the van shortly after the boys had stopped pointed their guns at her.


"So, tell me, where any of you bit?" The appealing boy spoke, staring at them all individually as they each shook their head. "Good, well, my name is Derek and welcome to Hell."

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