Tis But A Zombie Story

Zombies. Brainless. Walkers. Viruses. Death. Romance. Emma, Lionel, Barnabus, and many others fight in a world gone haywire.


1. Chapter 1

"Hey, Lionel, have you ever wondered what would happen if the zombie apocalypse happened?"

It was a sunny day for once, a Wednesday. It was about, say, two or three in the afternoon. Two figures could be seen sitting on a bench in the middle of a field. No one really knew why there was a bench in the middle of the field, but it was convenient nonetheless.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Emma... My name isn't Lionel." 'Lionel' looked at the other person, Emma, before looking back out over the field.

'Lionel' is a 6'3 male, blue eyes, brown hair, mussily, single. His clothes are simple to imagine since the clothing was just blue jeans, black fitted shirt, and black sneakers. Emma is a 5'4 female, green eyes, blue dyed hair because she felt like being rebellious, track team, also single. Clothes, to her, are really unnecessary, but due to decency she just wears jeans, a black tank top, and converse.

"Well, for the sake of not giving away names, yours shall be Lionel and mine shall be Emma." The female of the two explains, standing up and stretching. Lionel gives her a look of confusing before shaking his head and standing as well.

"Whatever, come on, we have to go back to the show." Lionel walks away toward a covered area. Inside were people riding horses, doing showmanship, and getting pep-talks. Emma follows suit, skipping over to a group of unidentifiable people. Lionel was left to walk by himself, not that he truly minded.

Emma examines a horse, uninterested. It was a truly normal animal, dark brown all over, not much different. The unidentifiable people started to give her weird looks so she skipped away. The reason they were unidentifiable was because our heroine had a small little world filled with about twenty faces, and everyone else looked faceless. The area she was skipping towards was, more or less, a holding area for the horses. There were many people, mean people, people that make no impact on this story.

"Lionel, this is the last day of the show right?" Emma turns around only to see Lionel about forty feet behind her. He sighs, and nods, knowing her a bit too well.

"Yes, Emma. Why?" He wasn't expecting an answer and Emma didn't give him one. She looked around, examining the ever moving shadows and the small dust clouds that floated past at random opportunities.

"You know, Lionel... This would be a perfect place to hide during the zombie apocalypse." The statement was random, but expected. Lionel didn't respond, but he did nod in a silent agreement.

Hours past throughout the day and soon enough night came. Lionel and Emma had returned to their respective homes.

Emma was sitting on the floor, shoving some clothes into a bag when she heard a crash downstairs. She froze, listening intently. There was a loud silence, white noise piercing her eardrum before she silently stood and crept over to her dresser. She slid open her top right drawer before moving some clothes around. After a few heart pounding moments, and some disturbing noises from down stairs, she finally finds the slugger from within her drawer.

Emma creeps toward the door, taking the handle and slowly pulling the door open. She peers out, not seeing anything. The eerie silence made her nervous. Emma crept out of her bedroom, walking towards the stairs of her two story house. She looked down stairs, hoping the stairs didn't creek while she walked down.

The layout of the house was simple. Three bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs was the bathroom, another bedroom, the kitchen, and the two living rooms. It was an old house, one that had been around for over fifty years. Emma crept toward the stairs, looking down before slowly creeping down the steps. Her phone started buzzing in her pocket. She pulls it out, checking it. It was Lionel.

She answers it, holding it to her ear. "I can't talk right now..." She whispers, getting to the last step and peering around the corner.

"Emma, it's an emergency! My parents- they're- they're-!!!!" Lionel sounded like he was out of breath. "I'm coming over! Please be careful!" He yells before the line goes dead. Emma shoves her phone back in her pocket before walking into the kitchen. There, laying on the floor was her mum, her father bent over the woman.

She stands there silent, the bat gripped in both hands. Her father looks at her, a chunk of flesh wedged between his teeth. He stands, a dead look in his eyes, the flesh dropping onto the floor. A gargled, animal noise rises from his throat before he lunges towards her. Without a second thought, Emma rams the end of her bat into her fathers skull. It cracks with a sickening sound before her father falls to the ground. She rams his skull in a few more times before looking at her mother. Emma walked over to her and started slamming the bat over and over again into her mums head. Safety first.

She tucks the blood stained bat under her armpit before dragging her parents bodies into the bathroom and locking them in there. She ran around the house, checking every corner, locking every door and window before covering up the windows and turning off any bright lights. She grabbed a flashlight before walking back upstairs. She went into her room, shoves a few more things. She changes into all black, slipping on a jacket before walking to her sisters room. Emma had an older and younger sister. The older one had moved out already but the youngest was only about twelve. Emma, on the other hand, was nineteen.

She walked into the child's room, the baseball bat in one hand, a flashlight in the other and her bag was on her back.

"Barnabus!" Emma hisses, looking about the room. The girls name was not Barnabus, but in fact her name was Marina. Barnabus was a nickname that Emma gave the tomboy sister.

Marina opened her eyes, a drowsy look in her eyes. "What do you want?" The girl whines before standing, and walking over to turn on the light.

"No! Marina! We have to get out of here. I'll explain later, but for now, pack. Get some clothes together and do it quietly and in the dark." Emma whispers, walking over to the window and closing the blinds. She peers out, looking around on the ground. There were only about three 'people' limping around outside. She could only see three anyway.

Marina could hear that Emma was serious for once. Emma never called her sister by her actual name unless in serious situations. Marina nods silent, changing into dark clothes before shoving necessities into a bag. She grabs a metal slugger from out of her closet from when she played baseball. Marina looks at her sister who had walked over to the door before tapping her on the shoulder.

Emma looks back at the young girl before they nod at each other. Emma grabs a phone charger, she needed a way of communication. Messenger pigeon wasn't going to work as well as it had. The elder one walks quietly out of the room, slipping on her shoes. Marina slips on her sneakers before following. Emma had on her track shoes, the ones with spikes on the bottom. Marina just has on regular running shoes, but she was fast.

"Lionel is on his way, I don't know in what way, but I need to get some things from the shed out back." Emma says, glancing back at Marina before facing forward. The two girls creep down the stairs before heading out to the back porch. A fence surrounded their backyard, which was good. "Marina, I need you to go and gather supplies from the kitchen. Don't be startled, there is a mess in there..." Emma whispers before looking her sister in the eye.

"I know that I'm not the most serious sister in the world, but I am being serious now." Emma takes her sister by the hand, her bat in her right hand and her flash light in her bag. "Our parents are dead, zombies are taking over. I thought my dream had a meaning and now I know. They are in the bathroom and I need you to find the car keys. I also need you to watch out for Lionel. If he comes, let him in as soon as he arrives. If he is brainless, don't even consider it." Emma explains, a graveness in her voice. Marina nods, holding back tears.

"I'm going to 'that' shed. I'll be back in a few minutes. Unless they are alive and unscathed, do not let them in." Marina nods before taking Emma bag and walking back into the house to get supplies. Emma looks out into the backyard, looking around before opening the door and running outside. She runs over to the shed, bat and flash light in hand, while she stays alert. She pulls open the shed, shinning the light around, glad it was slightly dim. Emma looks at the gate, turning off the flash light before sprinting over ad closing it and locking it. Emma runs back over into the shed and closes the door before setting to work. Their father was a huge weapons lover so they had many different types. Emma shoves swords, knives of different types, a crossbow, arrows, a bow, along with a bullets and a shotgun into a big green bag that her father leaves in the shed. Emma closes up the bag, slings it onto her back before turning off the flash light and peering out the door.

The gate was open.

Emma curses silently. That gate was closed from the inside which meant it could only be opened from the inside. Did Marina leave? Did a brainless get in? Emma picks up her bat, slowly walking out of the shed. She was about thirty feet from the house and she was horrendously scared at the moment. Emma looks around, not seeing anything. She runs to the door before getting into the house. Emma locks the door behind her. She creeps into the house, looking around. She walks into the kitchen to see Marina hurriedly packing canned foods and essentials into a bag.

"Marina, did anything come in here? Are you alright?" Emma whispers, walking into the room and placing the bag on the table. Marina looks up and blinks.

"I'm fine, why, did something happen?" Marina asks, worried.

"I had closed the gate, but it was open when I came out of the shed." Emma explains, listening to the noises of the house.

"Did you lock it?" Marina asks, her voice quivering. Emma nods, holding her bat before creeping around the house. She walks into the living room. A figure was laying on her couch, breathing heavily. Emma lifts up her bat, watching the figure closely.

"Oh! Emma!" Marina walks quickly up to her, "Lionel arrived!" Marina says quietly, "I forgot to mention that, forgive me."

Emma sighs, holding up the flashlight and shining it at the couch. Lionel was laying there panting. He looks at Emma, "I ran... All the way here." Lionel pants, standing up. He had a bag on his back. "My parents..." He pants, and Emma just nods.

"Same." She says quietly before taking his bag. "I'm going to go put the stuff in the van. Keep getting necessities." Emma says, looking at Marina. Marina gives her the car keys before handing her a bag of food.

Lionel looks at Emma, "I'll help." He says and she nods, handing him the food.

"I'm going to drive the car into the back yard. Lionel, I need you to open the gate when I come and then close it when I'm inside. Deal?" Emma looks at him and he just nods.

Emma goes to the front door and Lionel goes go the back. He had previously taken a sword from the bag before looking into the backyard. He unlocks the door, opening it before sprinting towards the gate. Lionel closes and locks the gate before jumping out of the way right as a brainless lunges at him. Lionel swings the sword, lobbing off the head of the brainless.

Lionel pants, trembling. He looks around, hoping there were no other brainless in the premises.

Emma breaths deeply, opening the front door. She examines the premises before looking at Marina. The two had agreed that when Emma walked out Marina would lock the door behind her. Emma opens the storm door, walking out onto the front porch. This was a moment when she was glad that the van had a control that unlocked and locked the doors. She pushes the button before sprinting over to the van. She pulls open the drivers door before getting inside and locking all the doors. She looks around, noticing that the car lights had attracted the attention of the brainless in the surrounding area. She revs up the van, putting it into reverse before backing over a brainless. She didn't know who it was since the person was one of those faceless people.

Emma puts the van into drive before driving to the backyard. Lionel opened the gate, letting her drive in before slamming it shut and locking it. Emma turns off the van, unlocks the van, and gets out.

She looks at Lionel, "load 'er up." Lionel nods, running inside. Emma follows suit, grabbing a few bags. Marina, Lionel, and Emma begin to toss bags into the back of the van. Emma puts the weapons into the immediate backseat, making sure they are close just in case.

"That's it... Let's grab some pillows and blankets." Lionel suggests. Emma nods, "you two get into the van. Lionel, you are in the front seat with me, Marina you will be in the back seat with the weapons. Be careful. I'll be back." Emma says, running inside. She grabs some pillows from her parents bedrooms, along with towels and blankets. She runs back outside, shoving the things into the backseat.

"Alright, one more thing Lionel." Emma looks at him once she had climbed back into the van. He sighs and nods, getting back out before jogging over to the gate. Emma turns the van around and Lionel opens the gate. She drives up, letting him in before locking all the doors.

Emma sits there before taking a deep breath, "everyone buckled?" She asks, looking at her two passengers. They nod before she nods as well. "Ready?" She says quietly.

They nod, "ready." They say at the same. "Alright... Megatrons... Roll out." Emma puts the van into gear before pulling out onto the rode, driving away from the only place she called home for the past nineteen years.

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