She no angel

Isaac is dominate man wait for the right woman that can handle him


1. Taylor

Taylor began to tense up at the sight of him kneeling down to pick up boxs. She look at how the sweat roll down his six pack. She didn't realize he was call her name . when she look up she realize how close he was . He said you feeel it too before she could say anything he kiss her . He pick her up making wrap leg around his wist her in back up against the wall . His start kiss start to travel from lip to neck. Before unbutton her shirt knock on the door that didn't stop him. He continue kiss her lip become pouty in full. The knock become louder and louder. The kiss start get hot and hotter she try to push him away but couldn't he all muscle . He give her one last kiss let go he slap her ass he start back moving box and said this not over . When reach the door open her sister. on other side scared sister because didn't answer first time. She scream you didn't answer first time I thought he killing or worse . He step in said do something she like look at her lips. He walk before out the room that Taylor had nice panty collects. Her went off say that should ask their brothers to move stuff Taylor tired heat talk . She yell at top lung lashay shut the h up and help put the dish up or get out. Lashay ask why didn't introduced his self that you know he been in jail. he heard what lashay he said his name Marcus kyle pulliam. he has not been in jail next time say something bad about me say in my damn in very dark dominate voice. Lashay look at Taylor went back put the curtain up. in the kitchen Taylor bend over put pot in pans in the draw. Marcus run into back her on purpose hold her waist so could his manhood. She moan and said stop my sister in other room he turn her around and said this your appartment can do anything want in it. He start kiss her n grab her ass n suck her neck make her moan . He stop she got mad he said mocking her voice you sister is here a walk in pick a box.

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