Unforgetable nor Forgiving

Sad and Tragic story of a brother and sisters life.
Real owner of the story is Lucia Juarez was a request to make it into a book for her.


5. The Unforgiving Mother

"Nick....? Nick wake up!? Nick...NICK !!NICK WAKE UP WE HAVE CAKE!! Nick wake up please!" I put my head down on his chest crying I didn't hear his heart beat. I lifted my head.

"Nick no...!" I said

The doctor came in and told me that Nick was dead because the bullet hit his heart.....I couldn't believe it the doctor covered his face up.

"NO not yet please no! Nick wake up please your the only thing left please no!......" I kept crying

"It's ok Nubia....please calm down." Said Matthew while hugging me

I cried all night hoping it was a dream hoping it was all fake . I woke up next morning;I went to the orphan home because they called that someone was there to see me.

"Nubia!!"said a old young lady crying

"Nubia this is your mother she came back for you and Nick." Said the office worker

"I have no mother I have no need for one..."I started to cry

" I came to see you and Nick to go home..wheres Nick?"said the women who said she was my mother

"Don't you ever dare to say his name all his life he asked where you were saying where's mommy where's mommy? I didn't have the guts to tell him that you put us in a orphan home because you blamed us that we were the reason why dad died! Yet you still have the guts to come back and say wheres Nick? Well let me give you some news to you He's dead! All his life he wanted to see his mother and he died without seeing her!" I said crying in anger

"Please forgive me! I didn't mean to I promise!" My mother said

"I'll think about it I'm going home to where my stuff are and Nick's!"

I left and after a day of rest I saw a letter near Nicks desk. I opened it and read it. it said...

Dear Nuna,

Happy Birthday! I wanted to get you a present for your birthday but I only had 5 dollars so I made your a letter. :) I hope you have a great great birthday with me and Matthew!!

I love love love love you Nuna Happy Birthday!! I feel excited on giving this to you when we get back hope you like it

Here's a drawing of me and you!

Happy Birthday!! โค๏ธ

Love your brother.

I cried hard so hard that I realized that why he was so happy and joyful I went to my mom and forgive her. me and Matthew became closer friends now

I want to tell you all those sisters or brothers take care of each other because no matter what happens to your sister or your brother you going to miss them one day just like I missed my brother Nick!!

~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~

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