Unforgetable nor Forgiving

Sad and Tragic story of a brother and sisters life.
Real owner of the story is Lucia Juarez was a request to make it into a book for her.


4. The Terrible Beginning


"Hey Nick when's Nubia's Birthday?" said Matthew

"Oh Nuna's ..her Birthday is September threee !!" Said Nick.

"Nick!!!" I said trying to tell him why did he tell Matthew.

"It's tomorrow isn't it?" He asked me

I told him yes then he smile and started walking with Nick they were laughing and smiling. It warmed my heart seeing Nick's smile.

9:30pm after work~~~~

"Hey Nubia are you free tomorrow?"ask Matthew

"Yes? Why?" I replied.

"Was wondering if you want to get a cake by the bakery.Plus your brother wanted to get a cake because of your birthday?"

"Ok will Nick come?"

"Yea he will."said Matthew.

"Ok then goodnight."

Next Saturday Morning~~~~

Matthew , I and my brother woke up and got dressed. After we got dressed we went to the bakery I told Nick to wait inside by the door while we ordered the cake.

"Wait by the door inside Nick ok?" I said.

"Ok!" said Nick with a smile and joy I didn't know why he was so cheerful today.

*BAM a gun shot noise*

"Oh my!! Is that your brother Ms.Nubia?!"

I turned quickly to see............I saw Nick shot on the ground bleeding.

"Matthew call the ambulance!!! Hurry!!"

While Matthew was calling the ambulance I was trying to stop the bleeding. The ambulance took him to the hospital while we were behind them. After signing papers and all I went to go see Nick.

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