Unforgetable nor Forgiving

Sad and Tragic story of a brother and sisters life.
Real owner of the story is Lucia Juarez was a request to make it into a book for her.


2. Strong or Not?

After school we went home.

"Nuna Nuna what's for dinner?"

I thought to myself that we were too poor to afford money.

"Hey aren't you that orphan girl and with his brother too?" I heard.

I turned around so did Nick

"Hey it's Superman!!"

"Superman?" I said.

"Yes it's superman me and him became friends! He is strong because he saved me from these mean kids at school!" Said Nick.

"Hey My name is Matthew what's yours?" Said Matthew.

"Nubia..Nubia Sanchez.".

"Can superman sleepover !!!?!?!"

I gasped in a weird surprised way that kinda made me mad that I turn a bit red in a embarrassing way.

"Yea can I?" said Matthew trying to get me annoyed with his smile.

"Fine! But no unneeded things!" I said with a unpleasant face.

After going home Matthew brought us some dinner he was a good cook I felt guilty that he found out about our problems and making him make dinner. I went to the living room and cried myself to sleep on the couch because of our cause if only mom didn't leave us it wouldn't be this hard yet I can't forgive this can I?

The next day we went to school Matthew noticed I had red eyes he asked me why did I have red eyes I told him it's fine it wasn't something serious.

Matthews mind: she cried her self to sleep yet she doesn't talk much of it.

It was lunch time so I went to go eat with my brother along with Martha turns out Matthew was having lunch with Nick. Its been so long since I haven't seen him smile usually he would ask what happen to mommy and I couldn't tell him I didn't have the courage to do it so I would change the subject. I always thought one day mom was coming back at least for Nick because he needed her more then I did ....I didn't wanted to see Nick sad or anything. I left to the garden. I always would help out after school for the flowers I cried there a lot I would acted that I'm strong and nothing was ever wrong but the truth is....I'm also sensitive.

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