Unforgetable nor Forgiving

Sad and Tragic story of a brother and sisters life.
Real owner of the story is Lucia Juarez was a request to make it into a book for her.


1. Nursing Grounds

There was a time where I was with a beautiful family.......so I thought. When I was five I was put in a orphan home along with my brother who is the same age as me....we grew up together and went to the same school. We go to Country Louis High school....This is my story on how it all happened with me and my brother.

"Nick wake up its time for school!" I said a bit tired.

"Nuna Nuna! What's for breakfast?" Nick replied back to me.

My thoughts: There is nothing much in the fridge yet I still need a job for the rent money and food..

"We will have omelet sandwich how about that!" I replied with a smile.

After we finished eating we went walking to school. An hour later of arriving to school a incident happened.

"Ow ow!Nuna Nuna Help!" Cried hard Nick.

"Nubia your brother! Hurry! Hurry!" Said Martha.

I got up running where she was leading me.

"Hey you guys leave my brother alone!" I said with a angry look.

"Nuna!!" Cried Nick

"Why should we? Huh!" Said one of the guys.

"Hey isn't this kid in the special ed. class!" Said the third guy with a gesture of a smile.

"Ah ha that means he is retarded, huh!" Said the second one.

I was so mad that he call him retard.

"You'll regret you said that!!"

I ran to pick up my brother. While I gave my brother to Martha so she can take him to the nurse one of the (Cranky old man) cranky kid came up and hit me in the back I turn around and kicked his face along with a punch in the stomach. He fell to the ground while the others ran towards me luckily I knew Kung fu plus I learned defense lessons during my time at the orphan house. I took the other guy down.

I said angrily "Your next!"

I went and took him down and left to go see my brother.

"Hey Martha is Nick ok?!"

"The nurse is not here."

"I'll take care of him then." I said

"Hey ..Nick are you ok?"

"My cheek and back hurt Nuna .."said Nick with his eyes full of tears

I put some ointment on it so It didn't swell up and wrapped a bandage on his back because he had some kick marks I also put a bandage on his cut on the cheek.

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