Unforgetable nor Forgiving

Sad and Tragic story of a brother and sisters life.
Real owner of the story is Lucia Juarez was a request to make it into a book for her.


3. A New Beginning

"How long are you intending to cry?" A voice said.

I turned around it was Matthew. He was surprised when he saw me crying.

"Until I feel better.." I said with tears falling down my cheeks. I turned back around and look at the white rose thinking of what white represents....until I felt a warmth on my back. Matthew was trying to make me feel better so he hugged me. I cried hard in his arm I couldn't take it anymore.

After school I went walking back and Nick asked where's mommy......I couldn't tell him thats when Matthew interrupted saying can I stay the night? I told him no because it got on my nerves then Nick begged so I let him stay again. Nick fell asleep again ..it made me smile.

"Matthew are you awake?" I asked.

"Yes what you need?" He said

"Can you stay with Nick I got a job by a bakery near by can you take care of him?" I asked.

"Sure I like being by your brother so it's not a bother"

"Thank you I start working at 3:00pm right after school and get off by 6:30pm I get paid at least 20 dollars for it"

"That nice lets go to sleep. We got school again plus you start work again."

We fell asleep after we talked.

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