Is this Betrayal?

After Chicago has returned to a state of normality, Tobias tries to continue with everyday-life. His father is finally gone, his mother is back, and he has Christina. But when things with her start to go too far, they worry they are betraying Tris.
Then, Christina receives a mysterious email, and their lives leave that state of normality.
THX TO River_Summers FOR THE COVER!!!!


3. Where Are You?

  That night I got ready for the party. I had told Tobias about the E-Mail I had gotten, and we were prepared to search everywhere for them. I couldn't believe they were still alive. It had been years since they were presumed dead. We saw their bodies. They were dead. But I guess they weren't.

  I zipped up the back of my dress. It was black, tight, and pretty simple. I put on some heeled ankle boots, and grabbed my purse off the table. I slid into a red cropped leather jacket and left my apartment.

  When I stepped out of the apartment building, Tobias was there waiting. Without a word we fell into step together, heading for the train. Once we got there I saw the train getting closer, whistling as it flew down the tracks.

  When it neared we both jumped on, grabbing onto the doors and pulling ourselves in. I adjusted my dress and sat down. We rode in silence, avoiding each other's eyes and looking out the open door. 

  I saw the dauntless sector approaching, and my heart skipped a beat. My old home, at least for a few weeks. I hadn't been there for a while, and it looked about the same. Although today, it shone. There were lights everywhere, of several different colors. I could hear music playing, and not the kind the Amity play. This kind sounded otherwordly, and had soft thuds. It was almost electronic.

  We jumped off the train along with about twenty other people from different cars and headed towards the lights.

  As we entered, I felt a happy sensation. The music was so loud I could barely hear the voices of all the other people in the room. The primary color was black, but now that there were no factions it was accentuated with several other colors.

  "We should split up." Tobias yelled to me.

  "Okay. I'll check by the chasm, you take the Pit." I turned away and headed out of the Pit, into a hallway. It was darker and quieter, with a few people standing and talking. Some were doing a bit more than talking, so I kept my head down and hurried towards the Chasm.

  When I got there, I found the pathway across it empty, so I searched the area. Now the music was even softer, and I was completely alone. I turned a corner and saw two figures at the end of it, talking. I stopped and strained my ears to listen.

  "How are we supposed to do this? Just stroll up to them and say, "Hey, I'm alive!" It was Uriah's voice. For some reason, I freaked out and ran around the corner, leaning against the wall. This was it. I had found them. Uriah was right, this wasn't going to be easy. I gathered my courage and went back around the corner. I ran towards them, and as I got closer I saw how beat up they really were. Their hair was short and dirty, and the scars were still there.

  "Christina?" Tris asked, her eyes lighting up in the dim hallway.

  I didn't answer, just flung myself at her, hugging her tightly.

  "You're alive." Was all I managed to choke out.

  "Yeah." She said, hugging me back.

  I let go and did the same to Uriah.

  "What happened? Are you two okay?" I asked, wiping the tears from my eyes.

  "We're fine, now at least. They faked our deaths. The New York bureau, I mean. They did tests on us, for years. Then someone helped us escape and come home." Tris smiled and grabbed my hand, "Where's Tobias?"

  "Looking for you two. I got a message saying you would be here. I didn't know whether to believe it or not, but they sent pictures...c'mon, he's in the Pit." We all started towards the Pit, running as fast as we could. They both had slight limps and I was wearing heels. Uriah filled me in as much as possible, and I tried not to embrace them both again. It had been nearly three years, and now they had never been dead. It was amazing.

  Uriah and Tris had both gotten a bit taller, and Tris had gotten more curves. It was hard to tell in the loose grey shirt and baggy pants she was wearing, but they were definitely there. Once in the Pit, I told them to stay behind while I found Tobias. I didn't want other people stopping us, to talk or anything.

  I found him saying something to Zeke, and hurried towards them.

  "I found them. They're alive." Zeke and Tobias both stared at me, eyes widening.

  "Well, come on!" I grabbed their arms and pulled them towards the corner I had left Uriah and Tris in.

  When Tobias saw her, his face changed. It was like I could see the weight lifting off his chest. They were finally reunited. And I felt terrible.

Hey guys! I realized I switched to past tense last chap, but I just can't write in present. It was an accident but I think i'll just stick with past tense. thanks for reading!

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