Is this Betrayal?

After Chicago has returned to a state of normality, Tobias tries to continue with everyday-life. His father is finally gone, his mother is back, and he has Christina. But when things with her start to go too far, they worry they are betraying Tris.
Then, Christina receives a mysterious email, and their lives leave that state of normality.
THX TO River_Summers FOR THE COVER!!!!


2. This Can't Happen

Christina's POV

   I don't know how to handle Tobias. On the one hand, I should comfort him for losing Tris. On the other, dauntless must be strong.
  "Tris would want you to move on."
 "No she wouldn't." Tobias argues, "She would want me to be brave. There's a difference."
 We argue until we near the new government building. We're half an hour early, so we sit beneath a tree in silence.
 "God I miss her so much." I lean against the tree.
 "Who doesn't?" Tobias shrugs. He pulls himself next to me so our shoulders touch.
 "True. We are both such huge messes." I close my eyes and sigh.
 "At least one of us is a beautiful mess." Tobias says softly and I open my eyes to see his face close to mine.
 I find myself leaning closer, "I-" I start to say anything to stop this from happening, as it would be wrong to Tris, but I get cut off as our lips crash together. He runs his fingers through my hair as I wrap my arms around his neck. He pushes me against the tree as he kisses me, and suddenly I get a jolt of reality. I pull sideways, off the tree, gasping.
 "No. I can't-" I stand up and run away. I glance back to see Tobias standing up and kicking the tree. He realizes it too.

I ran all the way to work, and when I entered my cubicle I saw my sister there waiting. She was sitting on my desk, swinging her legs.

"Shouldn't you be at school?" I questioned her, sitting down at my computer and clicking the on button.

"We have the day off. There's a huge party tonight in the old dauntless sector. You wanna go? Cam and I are going."

"I don't think so." I never had liked Cam, he had been a dauntless junkie. I didn't think he was a good influence on her.

"Come onnnnn. Everyone's going. You can bring Tobias..." She winked and I glared at her.

"I'll think about it. Now go away, I have work to do."

She shrugged and jumped down, striding towards the door of this office floor.

I opened this thing that was once called "e-mail" or electric mail. It's a form if communication.

I searched through the e-mails: work notices, the invite to the party, bla bla bla, and then something caught my eye.

It was an unknown account, so I clicked on it and read the headline.

"New York Bureau- GP Test Subjects Missing"

Below the headline, was a picture, and then the words:

"Go to the party, you won't regret it."

I scrolled back up to the picture, confused, and saw that it was of two people, with their head shaved bald. One was obviously female, and shorter than the male. Thin scars were all over the heads and necks of the people, trailing down into their grey plain shirts. They had bloodshot eyes, and solemn expressions on their faces. The female had blue eyes, the only real color in the picture. The male's eyes were brown. As I inspected the pictures fully, I realized who the people were and gasped, covering my mouth so I didn't scream. I knocked my coffee mug off the table and it shattered, but I didn't care. I grabbed my bag and stood up, after clicking print on the email. I closed my computer, grabbed the paper off the printer, and ran for the door.

I burst outside, sliding the paper into my bag, and ran for Tobias, who was miraculously, still under the tree.

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