The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


3. The Challenge

Chapter 3

Bella's P.O.V

I got up after 5 minutes of sitting on the ground and moved to the bathroom. I needed to shower to wash this chlorine off. I did all the usual things you do in a shower. And got out. I thought I should probably put on some nice clothes. I decided on some cute light washed jeans with a few rips, a pink flowy-ish shirt with gold polka dots, and some gold flats. It was better to look cute now than rush before magcon.

The guys told me that this challenge was a kind of truth or dare. Someone will dare you to do something and if you chicken out, you have to tell something embarrassing about yourself. I easily got this, I never back down from dares.

"Okay so who wants to go first?" Carter says.

"I DOO!!!!" I yelled as loud as possible.

The guys all huddled together to plan my fate.

"Kay, I dare you to sit on Nash's lap for the rest of the game" Taylor says with a smirk.

"Oh please do you call this a dare? At least Nash is comfortable." I said as I climbed onto Nash's lap. I wasn't even joking when I said he's comfy. He's like a couch... Except that he breathes... But that can be changed.... OH MY GOSH I AM TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS. I was kidding, I'm not that mean.

I curled into a ball and snuggled up to Nash. He's my best friend, I trust him not to try anything.

"I say that Taylor has to go next" I said.

We all huddled together like they did when it was my turn.

"What are we going to make him do?"

"Let's make him shower with his clothes on!"

"Shawn, you need to get out more buddy."

"Shut up Carter"

"Both of you shut up"

"Guys I got it"

We finally decided on what we were going to do... Mwah ha ha ha. See?! I'm trying to tell you that I have mental issues.

"Taylor are you ready to receive your fate?" Cameron said trying to be dramatic.

"You must go to every door on this floor in your underwear, and act like you're drunk saying that you're looking for a girl to kiss" Carter told him.

We all laughed so hard at Taylor's reaction. It seems like he knew that we had some fans on this floor.

He stripped down to underwear and we all gathered in the hallway to watch Taylor complete his task. At the first door, he hesitated but ended up knocking. An elderly lady opened the door and slammed it shut when she saw Taylor in his boxers. We cracked up!

After a while we got bored of Taylor and left him outside of the room, taking his room key, and went into my room. We just messed around and made vines and took selfies while we waited for Taylor to finish.

He came back an hour later, desperately banging on the door. Since no one else was going to get up to let him in, I got up and unlocked the door. He sprinted into the room and jumped under my bed.

"Hey what's wrong Taylor? Did the old lady realize she wanted some?" Cameron said. We all laughed.

Taylor poked his head out to say "is she gone yet?"

"Wh- " I got cut off by a knock at the door.

"TAYLOR BABY I KNOW YOURE IN THERE! COME GIVE ME MY KISS SUGAR" a high pitched voice was saying.

Taylor looked up at me with pleading eyes. I sighed "I'll save you, as usual. Everybody hide." They all ran and tried their best to stay out of sight.

I walked back to the door and opened it. Some bottle blonde girl was standing in the doorway.

"Uhm hi can I help you?"

"I saw Taylor run in here. Where is he?"

"Who's Taylor?"

"Taylor Caniff, duhh I know he's in here."

"Sorry I don't know anybody named Taylor, I think you have the wrong room" I said as I closed the door in her face.

I ran and jumped on the bed Taylor was under and burst out laughing.

"Taylor, you owe me big. That girl was annoying. Her voice is ten times higher than the average chipmunks" I said.

He crawled out from under the bed and pulled himself up to sit with me. He wrapped his arms around me in a hug. Closing my eyes, I snuggled up to him.

"You're the best best friend in the world Belles. I'm gonna buy you some Starbucks before tonight's show" he told me.

"Ew no Dunkin Donuts is where it's at buddy" I said.

"Well whatever, I'll get you some"

"This is why Taylor is my new favorite everyone, sorry Nash" I laughed.

He made a face at me and threw a pillow at me and Taylor.

"Guys we have rehearsal in an hour. We should head down and get some lunch. Meet in the convention room in forty minutes?" Cameron said fulfilling his role as the oldest of us.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I want to find a Subway" I declared.

"Same" Nash says.

"LETS GOO" Carter, Matt, and Taylor said at the same time.

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