The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


7. Surprise!!!

Bella's P.O.V.

The rest of the Magcon event happened without anything major happening. We had some creepy fans and I got a few threats to stay away from any of the boys and some hate, but none of that bothers me. My motto is, you can hate me, but secretly you want to be me.

After the event, Bart told us we could all go back to our rooms and do whatever we wanted for the rest of the night. My plan was to sleep. So I took the elevator up to our floor and walked with Taylor to our room. I changed into comfy clothes, aka a sports bra and dance shorts, and sat on the bed. I was going to go on my phone to see the things the boys vined from the event, but a knock on my door stopped me.

"TAYLOR GET THE DOOR!" I yelled, but I guess he left the room while I was changing. I got up and opened the door. In front of me stood Shawn and Aaron.

"Hey Bella we have been sent to give you a message" Shawn said.

"Go take a shower or do whatever girls do before they get dresses. You have 30 minutes to do that. Then someone will be here to assist you in picking out an outfit" Aaron said. Then they walked away. Oh well, I might as well just do what they said since I have nothing better to do tonight.

I showered, brushed my teeth, and waited for whoever was supposed to help me find an outfit.

After a few minutes of scrolling through twitter and tweeting random things, I heard a knock on my door.

"ITS OPEN" I yelled so didn't have to get up.

I heard it open and heard several pairs of feet shuffle across the carpet. I looked up to find Taylor, Matt, Carter and Cameron standing in front of me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"We're helping you get ready. So point us in the direction of clothes and shoes" Cameron said while trying to keep a straight face. I just stared at him. The rest of those boys searched through my things since I refused to tell them where my stuff was until they gave me an explanation.


"Taylor take them off your head"

"Ew are these thongs?"

"Carter they aren't slingshots"

"Guys, wouldn't you think she hangs up her fancier clothes? Gosh you guys are idiots"

"Shut up Cam. We just aren't very smart"

I was just sitting there laughing at all of them. They began going through my closet. I heard them whispering while the picked out some outfit.

"Guys I would help you if you just give me an explanation about what's going on" I decided to attempt figuring this out.

They all shared a look.

"It's a surprise. But I guess we can tell you that you're going on a date" Matthew finally explained. THANK THE LAWD SWEET BABY JESUS!

"Fancy or nah?"


"Bella you cannot use 'or nah' ever again. You sound too white for that"

I just stared at Carter after he said that. I counted to three then screamed "OR NAH" as loud as I possibly could into his ear. He covered his ear and fell to the floor.

"Next time don't try to act like you aren't a white girl inside" was all I had to say before I turned to my closet and began pulling out my two favorite dresses.

One was a strapless, short gold dress with sequins on the top and a pinkish tint to the skirt. The other was a green strapless dress with the high-low effect. It had many layers on the bottom and had a sequined top as well.

I showed the guys and asked for their opinion.

"The green one" they all said in unison.

I walked into the bathroom to change, but then turned around and walked out.

"You guys are in my room. You can all go wait in either the bathroom or the hallway so I can change" they all groaned but agreed and went into the bathroom. I put on the dress and began looking for nice heels to wear with it since I'm so short. I yelled to the guys that they can come out and find shoes while I do my hair.

"Can you guys look for my silver heels please?" I yelled while walking into the bathroom where I could styling my hair to perfection. All I wanted to do was grabbed the two front strands of curls and clipped them back. Soon after I yelled to them, shoes were being thrown into the bathroom. I put them on.

"Thanks babes"

I walked out of the bathroom. They guys stopped talking and just stared at me.

"What? Is my dress stained?"

"No, you just look... Beautiful"

"Awwww you guysssss!!!! Group hug!!!"

They all squished me into a hug.

"SELFIE FOR THE GRAM" Taylor shouted. They all gathered around me in a semicircle. From left to right, it went Carter, Matt, Cameron, and Taylor. Taylor took the picture and added the caption, 'helped this beautiful little lady prepare for a date tonight' with tons of emojis.

"Okay guys where am I going from here?" I asked.

"I'll tell your escorts that you're ready for them" Carter said while texting someone.

Almost instantly there were knocks on the door. I walked over to open in and in the doorframe stood the Jacks, both with their elbows out.

"I'm guessing you're my escorts?" They nodded and walked out of the room.




These were all of the things shouted at me as I left. Me and the Jacks started laughing as I hooked arms with them and let them lead me to out destination. They walked me to the elevator and pressed the up button. Uhmmmm okay, usually you'd go down but whatever...

The doors opened to reveal a Jacob Whitesides. I squealed and jumped on him.

"JACOBBBB. I didn't know you were going to be here!!"

"I flew in during the event. I needed to see you! It's been too long." You see, me and Jacob had one of the closest relationships here. He was one of my few friends before I joined Magcon.

"Aw well we'll let you guys catch up, bye Bella have fun!" Johnson said while him and Gilinsky walked away. Jacob pushed a button on the panel but refused to let me see it. We were just talking and catching up when the doors opened onto the roof. And there stood Mahogany.


"IVE MISSED YOU TOO!! But right now I must be formal and take you to your table"

After saying bye to Jacob, I walked with Mahogany to a table set up in the middle of the roof. Next to the table stood the one and only, Nash Grier.

"Nash? I should've known you were behind this"

"Thanks Mahogany! You're free to go"Mahogany rolls her eyes, laughs, and walks away.

"Why did you make me go through all of this? You could've just texted me to meet you on the roof, you know..."

"Yeah but I thought this would be more interesting"

I laughed and he pulled out a chair for me. He took the other chair.

We talked and laughed for a while until Shawn came up to the table with a little notepad.

"Good evening madam and sir. What would you like to drink on this beautiful night?"

I giggled and went along with it. "What are my options good sir?"

"Well we have some water and some water and finally some water"

"The water sounds lovely. I'll take a glass of that" I said while giggling again.

"And for you fine gentlemen?" Shawn asked Nash.

"I'll have what she's having" he said while attempting to contain his laughter.

"Very well. I'll be back to take your dinner orders shortly." And then he walked away.

I made eye contact with Nash and we burst out laughing. Shawn came back with our water and took our food orders. All what was on the menu this time were macaroni and cheese and spaghetti. Gotta give these boys an A for effort. I ordered the Mac and Cheese. While we ate, we talked about everything and anything. Eventually we were done eating, but we stayed on the roof and continued to talk. Throughout the whole night, there was soft music playing.

When it came to a pause in the conversation, he grabbed my hand and told me we were going to dance. I happily agreed and rested my head on his chest and we began slow dancing. I loved every second of it.

I could feel him staring down at my head.

"What're you staring at?"



"Because you're so beautiful"

I took my head off of his chest and looked up into his eyes.

"You don't really mean that"

"But I do" he stopped dancing and grabbed both of my hands. "From the first time I saw you, I knew that I wanted to be the one to make you happy. I wanted to constantly be with you and hold you in my arms. I wanted to be with you, wherever you went. I've always liked you Isabelle, from that first second we made eye contact. You are the most beautiful, funny, amazing girl I have ever met in my entire life. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"

I could feel the tears falling down my cheeks. No one has ever said anything so sweet to me before.

"Nash of course I'll be your girlfriend."

He smiled so big. He looked at my lips, almost as if asking for permission. I nodded slightly. Before I could even prepare myself, his lips were on mine. It was the best feeling in the world. I kissed back with everything I had.

We heard footsteps, but neither one of us wanted to break this.


I untangled my hand from his and flipped Aaron off. I heard laughter and retreating footsteps.

When we finally pulled apart, he wrapped me into a hug, and whispered into my ear.

"I've wanted to do that since our first conversation"

"I've been waiting for you to do that ever since"

After maybe twenty minutes of just standing there, watching the night sky, we decided we should probably head back downstairs. He walked me to my door, not letting go of my hand once. When we finally got there, he gave me a sweet, lingering kiss and told me he'd see me in the morning. I watched him walk away before opening my door.

We can safely say that I went to bed overjoyed that night.

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