The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


10. Prepare for Tears


Bella's P.O.V.

"I hope she's okay"

"Calm down Cameron. She just passed out. Nothing happened."

"How am I supposed to fucking calm down Aaron?! My best friend is laying in that hospital bed right now all because fucking Nash is a cheating asshole"

Oh right I forgot about that. Why would he do that to me? I wouldn't understand. Maybe I should forgive him. But then again, he did cheat on me. Ugh why do all the good ones have to be cheaters?

"Cameron, chill. The doctor said she should be waking up soon"

"I know I know. This is just hard"

I'm going to make a deal with myself. If Nash is anywhere in this room, I'll forgive him, but we won't be together. If he isn't, he's not allowed near me.

I opened my eyes slightly and looked around the room before anyone could notice I was awake. And guess what I saw?




Oh well. That just means that he's not going to be forgiven any time soon.

"Guys where's Nash?" I just barely croaked out.

"Bella holy Jesus. Thank god you're okay"

"Cameron I asked you a question. Where's Nash?"

"He, uhm, he found out about what happened and left the hotel. We haven't been able to contact him since"

Well that made that easy. What a douche! You cause a girl to go to the hospital and you don't even have the decency to come make sure I'm okay.

"Oh okay"

"Iz, I need to ask you a serious question, okay?"

"Yeah whatever"

"When I found you, I found a razor laying next to you. Not that I wanted you to do it, but why didn't you use it?"

I sighed. The truth has gotta come out sometime.

"I couldn't be one of those people who did that. If I cut too deep I'd be dead. I've already lost my family once before and I'm not prepared to lose them again"

"What are you talking about" Matt asked from the corner he was sitting in.

"It's a long story..." I said.

"Lucky for you we're going to be here for a while" Taylor stated from his seat by my bed.

"Alright. It all started my freshmen year..."


It was a regular day at school. Everything was normal and the way it's been the whole year. It's about mid March at Brockton High School.

I was on my way outside for lunch when I heard the shots. Followed by the screams.

Me, being the caring person I am, pushed my way against the crowd to see if I could help who got shot. I quickly looked left and right to make sure the person was gone and sprinted over to the wounded body.

It seemed to be my ex-boyfriend Jace. He was one of those cheating boyfriends who you couldn't help but love and hate at the same time.

I began looking for the bullet hole. I finally found the bullet embedded into his shoulder. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Hi my name is Isabelle Sparks. I'm currently at Brockton High School where a kid just got shot in the shoulder and is losing a lot of blood."

"Well Isabelle, I'm dispatching help right away. But I need you to elevate this persons feet. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes" I said and put my backpack under his feet. "Okay I did that"

"Great, now I want you to take some sort of cloth and put pressure into the source of blood"

"Okay got it" I then heard sirens blaring behind me. Some officers stepped out. "Oh the officers are here now"

"Okay Isabelle, good job today"

And she hung up.

The officers came over to Jace and helped him onto a gurney. One came over and began asking me questions.

"How old are you?"


"What's your name?"

"Isabelle Sparks"

"Do you know this man?"


"I'd like for you to accompany him on the ambulance ride to the hospital. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes sir"


I climbed into the back of the ambulance and grabbed Jace's hand. Sure he was a cheater, but no one deserves to suffer in pain alone.

It was a short ride to the hospital. When we got there I was told to stay in the waiting area while they treated Jace.

I took this time to call my mom.

"Hi mom"


"Yeah mom I'm fine. Jace was the one who got shot and I basically saved his life"

"I'm so proud of you honey! We'll be at the hospital to wait with you soon"

"Okay bye mom. I love you!"

"I love you too Isabelle. See you soon"

And we hung up.

I waited about 30 minutes for my mom to show up. I figured she was bringing everyone which was why she was late.

A few minutes later, a doctor came out and told me he was sorry.

"Uhm sir? What exactly are you sorry for?"

"Are you Isabelle Sparks?"


"Your entire family seems to have gotten into a car crash on the way here"

No. No. Nononono. This can't be happening.

"Are... Are they okay?"

"I'm so sorry, but no"

"Are... They alive"


And I broke. Every little part of me inside broke. I dropped to the ground and cried. And cried. And screamed a little. The doctor pulled me up and helped me into a chair.

"Is Jace okay?" I just barely managed to get out.

"He's fine right now. You can go see him if you want"

I nodded and he lead me down to the room. I don't care if there were tears falling down my face. MY WHOLE FAMILY JUST DIED. I DARE ANYONE TO JUDGE ME.

We walked into Jace's room. His face broke into a smile when he saw me.



"What are you talking about?"

"Don't talk to me"

"Why? What did I do?"

"Answer me this. Why did that guy shoot you?"

"Uhm you see that's a long stor-"


"I, uhm, forgot to give him some money"

"Money for what?"

"The drugs I got from him"

"You're a fucking dick"


"While I was here, saving your life, my family died"


"They were coming here. To see you. And they got in an accident"

"Wow Bella I'm-"

"Don't you dare say sorry. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be in this situation right now. I'd still have my family and you'd still be out of my life"

"Please don't say that"

"WHY?! All you've ever brought me was pain and I'm done with it. Go keep on forgetting to pay for your goddamn drugs. Let some other girl save you. I'm done"

And I walked out.

The next few weeks after that were hard for me. I had to plan each and every one of the funerals and wakes. And since none of my other siblings were there to receive their parts of the will, I got everything anyone in my family owned. I became a millionaire overnight. But even that wasn't worth losing them. When the lawyers told me I wasn't old enough to be on my own yet, I had to go live in California with my godfather. I packed up everything of mine and moved to the other side of the country.

*End of Flashback*

"If I listened to my mother and her instincts about something bad happening that day and didn't go to school, they'd all still be alive. It's all my fault" I said while crying.

"Bella? Is all that true?" A broken looking Nash asked from the door.

"Do you think I'd fucking lie about that? You're the liar between us, not me" I retaliated.

"If I had known that about I would've never done-"

"Done what Nash? Cheated on me? Why? Because now you know how fragile I really am? No. Fuck you Nash" I said. He looked defeated and walked out of the room.

"Isabelle was that necessary?"

"Cameron shut the fuck up or you're next to leave"

"Okay sorry" he came over and hugged me. I could feel the tears flowing and I couldn't find a way to stop them.

One by one, the boys hugged me. The last one was Taylor. He stayed holding on to me for a long time. I looked up at him and we made eye contact. He wiped my tears off my face and told me to smile. I did and then fell back into his chest.

"When can I get out of here? And where's this doctor? I'm beginning to think he's imaginary because I haven't seen him once. Am I in a real hospital?" The guys laughed at my dumb questions.

"Well hello miss Isabelle. How are you feeling today?" The doctor said as he walked into the room. I looked at the guys and we all laughed again.

"Am I missing something?" The doctor asked, really confused.

"Nope!" We all replied together.

"Well okay then. So Isabelle, you are free to leave now since there isn't really anything wrong with you"

"Okay thank you so much!"

"No problem" he said and walked out.

"Sooooooooo can we go get food?" I asked. They laughed at me.

"Yeah babe, we'll get you some" Taylor answered me.

"LETS GO TO SUBWAY BITCHES!!!" And we left the hospital.

I'm glad they finally know about my past. I don't have to hide anymore.

A/N Hey guys! This chapter was really sad, I know. I just want to let you guys know that this hasn't actually happened to me or anybody I know in Brockton so please don't start with the rude comments about us Brockton people. No one has ever gotten shot at BHS. OH and I'm going to be making an email where you guys can email me so I can add you into the story. If you want to be in the story you have to email it and tell me your name, what you look like, and why you want to be in the story! Or you can use it to tell me about any problems you have right now. I'll always be there to listen. Okay that's it. Bye ✌️

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