The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


9. More Random Titles

Bella's P.O.V.

*Two weeks later*

The fans were so happy when they found out me and Nash were dating. I mean yeah of course there were a few jealous haters, but I DONT GIVE NO FUCKS ABOUT THEM BITCHES.

Anyways. Me and Nash were happy as could be. We were currently in different states. Me being in California and him being back home in North Carolina. He invited me to go home with him, but I figured I needed to spend some time with my uncle.

I was sitting up in my room when I got a knock on the door. I got up to open it. In front of me stood the beautiful, Cameron Dallas.


"Chill out Iz, you legit saw me yesterday"

"Really? I don't even remember what I had for breakfast to be entirely honest"

"I came to help you pack"

"I haven't even started Cam"

"I know. That's why I'm here"

"You're literally the best best friend in the world!" I said while yanking him into a hug. Cameron has been here for me every since I moved to California 2 years ago. He was over my uncles house almost everyday. And on the off days, I was at his. He's my best friend.

"I know I know. Now let's get packing"

We started packing up all of the things I was planning on bringing with me to New York this weekend for Magcon. I was so excited to see Nash and the other guys. It's been about a week since we were at the last Magcon together.

"How are you and Nash, Belles?"

"I guess we're good. I mean, we call and text all the time, but it's always better actually spending time with him, ya know?"

"Yeah I know. It's the same way for me when I'm away from my mom and Sierra"

"How are they by the way? It's been so long since I last saw them"

"They're good! Sierra wants to see you. Which is part of the reason I came by today besides helping you pack. They want you to come dinner with us tonight"

"Yessss!!! I'll be there!"

"Okay good. Now do you want all of these bags downstairs or just by your door?"

"Let's just leave them up here. It's too much work to bring them downstairs."

"You're so lazy"

"I know. Are we on the same flight tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I'll be here at 8 to pick you up"

"Wait what time is it right now?"

"It's like 5:30. Why?"

"Just wondering. What time is dinner at your house?"

"Probably around 6"

"Kay. I'll just go change. Are we walking or did you drive?"

"What makes you think I'm taking you?"

"Bitch please. You're taking me cause you love me"

"Nah. Nash loves you"

I went a little quiet after that. He still hasn't told me he loves me yet.

"What's up?" Cameron said while wrapping his arms around me.

"He hasn't said it yet Cam"

"Trust me. He loves you. He's just waiting for that perfect moment to tell you. He doesn't want it to be over a text or call. It has to be special"


"Cheer up babe"

"Don't call me babe"

"Kay. You're my little whore"


"What's the difference?"

"You've gotta pay for alllll this" I said while gesturing to my body.

He laughed so hard. I thought he was going to pee all over my floor.

One of my best friends from before my move and I used to make jokes about being prostitutes all the time. And my older brother used to call me a prostitute when he thought my outfits were too revealing. Holy shit I miss them so much.

I laughed lightly then put the last of my stuff into my carry on. I walked into my closet and began searching for an outfit to change into.

"CAMERON WHAT KIND OF DINNER IS THIS?" I shouted from inside my closet.


Well that's a struggle. I started up my search for a dress. I came up with some cute ones but this one caught my eye. I'm pretty sure I brought that with me during the move. It might've been my moms. Holy shit don't cry now Bella. Keep those tears down. I took the dress off the hanger and tried it on. It was perfect. It was white with a lace design covering it. It fell a little above my knee and hugged every part of my body perfectly. I put on a neon orange belt with it and some nude heels.

I walked out of my closet and into the bathroom to fix my hair. I walked back out into the room and jumped on Cameron, who was laying on his stomach on my bed not facing me. He gave a little shove and I fell. He helped me back up and looked over my outfit. It's almost as if he could sense what I was feeling and pulled me into a hug. His chin rests on my head as he rubbed my back, telling me it was okay to cry. He doesn't know what this dress means to me, I guess he kind of just knew I was upset.

I pulled away. "I'm okay now Cam. Let's just go"

He doesn't disagree. We just get in his car and head to the restaurant. I spend most of the time there catching up with his mom and sister. They're practically my family at this point. After about 2 hours there, Cameron took me home. He left saying he'll be here to pick me up in the morning and to not sleep in.

I fell asleep easily and it felt like no time passed when I was awaken by my blaring alarm. I pulled the stupid clock off my night stand and threw it across my room. Somehow, it was still going off.

"Holy fucking shit" I said as I got out of bed. I picked the thing up and walked it to the bathroom. I threw it into the toilet, flushed, and watched it struggle. Hahaha it can't move. But it finally shut up.

I stripped down, showered, and got dressed in some leggings and a large sweatshirt. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that this was the one I wore that day Nash made me go through all of that trouble of a date. I loved it though.

I wheeled all of my bags and things down the stairs and waited for Cameron to take me to the airport.

After tweeting many of my followers, I heard beeping outside. I peeked my head through the curtains and saw Cam coming out of his car. I opened the door to what most people would call my uncles"mansion" but to me, it was just a home. We brought my bags to the car and headed to the airport.

Magcon here we come.

*a few hours later*

Our plane finally landed and we went to get our bags. After that happened, we walked through the gates and looked for the rest of the guys. Well Cameron was. I was only looking for Nash.

I saw him from across the airport. I threw my bags in Cameron's direction and sprinted over to Nash. He caught me and spun me dramatically. When I was put down he kissed me in a way he never has before. It had a mix of passion and sweetness. I loved it.

We pulled apart after some of the guys were yelling at us to get a room.

"SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS" I yelled across the airport.

"I WANT FOOD IZ HURRY UP!" Matt yelled.

"Peace out Girl Scout" I said to Nash and ran over to Matt. He hugged me and then we walked to the bus so we can get food. I guess Cameron must've already given Bart my bags since they were already in the back. Nash came up behind me and laced his fingers through mine. I felt safe. Almost as if I didn't have a terrible past.

The bus took us to the hotel where we were assigned rooms. So much for food.

"Alright, Nash and Cameron, Jack and Jack, Matt and Isabelle, Shawn and Taylor, Aaron and Carter, Jacob and Hayes, and Mahogany can have her own room. I don't care which room numbers you guys are in, just keep with your partners"

"Well hello partner. Can we get the room with the most food?" Matt asked me.

"YES LETS GO" and we sprinted up to the rooms.

We picked out the room we thought had the most food in it and put our things away.

"Matt I'm going to Nash and Cam's room"


I laughed and walked out. I went into their room.

"Hey Bella! Nash is in the shower, but you can just wait until he's out if you want" Cam told me.


I was laying on one of the beds scrolling through Instagram posts fans have tagged me in, when a phone went off somewhere else in the room. I got up to see that it was Nash and he received a text.

*Sophie: hey baby I miss you already. When are you getting back so we can finish what was started?*


At that exact moment, Nash walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey babe! I misse-"

"Yeah sure you did"

"What are you tal-"

"WHO THE FUCK IS SOPHIE?!" I yelled while throwing his phone at him as hard as I could.

"She's uhm she's"

"Exactly. You don't even have an explanation. You know what. I thought you actually liked me. Hell I thought you fucking loved me. But I realize that I was so far off. You don't give a shit about me. While I was talking to Cam everyday about how much I missed you, you were probably fucking this bitch. We'll guess what. FUCK YOU AND FUCK SOPHIE! ACTUAL YOU PROBABLY ALREADY FUCKING DID!" I was pissed.

"Bella you don't understand. It wasn't like that"

"Oh what a creative line Nash. I bet it was exactly fucking like that. I hope you had fun fucking Sophie. Cause now you can do it without feeling guilty. This is done Nash. I'm over it" I said while walking towards the door. He grabbed onto my arm.

"Bella please-"


"But... I love you"

"Well it's too fucking late for that, isn't it? Goodby Nash" I closed behind me.

I turned to find all of the guys standing there watching. I couldn't keep it in anymore. I ran into my room and into the bathroom. I locked all of the doors behind me. This can't be happening. I looked at the razor that Matt must have left lying around. Should I do it? I picked it up. But then reality hit me. It must've been too much for me to comprehend because the next thing I now, everything is black.

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