The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


5. Lunch

Chapter 5

Bella's P.O.V

We came out of the elevator almost like normal people for once. Maybe it was because we were sort of late since Matt decided he wanted to take another shower. Good job Matt. We walked into the convention room as one big group and laid on the stage as we waited for Bart to show up.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Bart said as he walked into the room.

"Nothing" "the ceiling" and "SHUT UP BART" were all said during the process of answering.

"Wow Taylor. I didn't know you felt that way." We all laughed. Taylor is such an idiot.

We basically just messed around up on the stage and listened to Jack and Jack and Shawn as they sang a few songs. I was still so tired. First these boys keep me up half of the night and then they wake me up to do a challenge. It's not okay.

Cameron came and sat next to me as Shawn sang some song I didn't really know.

"Hey you okay?" He said concerned.

"Yeah I'm just really tired"

"Come here" he held out his arms for a hug.

Cameron gives some of the best hugs so I hugged him back. He pulled me onto his lap and told me I could sleep. This is why I love Cameron.

I just sat there with my eyes closed and almost fell asleep. But then, of course the guys had to keep me awake... Again.

"Smack cam" I heard someone whisper.

"I swear to sweet baby Jesus, if I get smacked, you won't live to see your precious fans tonight" I said while keeping my eyes closed.

The guys all laughed. I opened my eyes to find Aaron standing in front of me with some strange looking soap on his palm. I struggled to keep a face that I hoped looked threatening on my face. But of course I failed and ended up smiling. It's practically impossible to be mad at Aaron. Curse that kid and his luscious hair!

After about 5 more minutes, Bart told us that we were free to go. We just had to be back at 4, meaning we had 2 hours to ourselves.

"Can we go get food now?" I complained.

"But that will ruin my plans!" Nash said. "Oh did I say that out loud?"

I laughed, but as usual, I was really confused. I gave Nash that 'what in the world are you talking about' look.

"You'll find out later."

"Okay well I really want some food so let's go guys."

Nash looked a little bit upset, but I mean if he wants to get me dinner afterwards, he should know that I'd eat it. I love food. Possibly more than people. That was the reason I became friends with Matt.

"Where are we going to go?" I asked since I was basically starving.

"I want burgers"

"I want tacos"


"Taylor what the hell?"

"Oh I thought we were listing things we weren't going to get tonight"

We all laughed so hard we were snorting. Taylor is so stupid.

I decided that I was going to take the lead and they could follow if they wanted. I started walking in the direction of the place I wanted to go.

Nash ran and caught up to me. "Hey Belles where you going?"

"I wanted some Panera, so I'm getting it." He laughed and fell into step with me. I don't even think any of the guys noticed that we left.

"Damn Bella answer your phone already." I didn't even realize it was ringing. Oops.



"Oh god Cam no. I wanted some Panera. So I started walking. Nash noticed I left and caught up to me. You guys can meet us there if you want. We're almost there." I said.

"Who is it?" Nash asked.

I mouthed back that it was Cameron. He just shook his head and laughed.

"Okay Belles we'll meet you there in five."

"BELLA I LOVE YOU!" Someone shouted in the background.

"Kay bye Cam. I LOVE YOU CARTER!"

Nash looked at me shocked. I gave him the 'what the fuck is wrong with you' look.

"I thought you loved me"

"Awh is Nashley salty?"

"When it comes to you, always."

I blushed, then laughed. What's wrong with this kid lately?

We kept walking for about 3 more minutes until we got to the Panera door. I walked up to the line and pulled Nash behind me.

"I'm leaning on you because I'm too tired for life" said by the one and only moi.


I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. He is probably the perfect height for this. Just letting you guys know.

It finally got to us, so I walked up to order.

"Hi can I have a grilled cheese with the chicken noodle soup?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am, what size drink would you like with that?"

"I'll take a large thanks!" I said while taking the cup from her hands. I walked over to the really cool drink thingy and got myself some strawberry sprite. If you have not tried strawberry sprite you have not lived my friends.

By the time I finished filling up my cup, the rest of the guys walked into the restaurant and went in line with Nash. I began looking around trying to find a table that would fit us all. But then I realized I didn't want to deal with these losers right now, so I grabbed a table for two by the window and set my drink down. I went back over to the counter and waited for my food. When my number was called, I just took it and went back to my table.

Right as I was about to bite into my grilled cheese, Matt came and sat across from me.

"Matt, I love you man, but what do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to my favorite female friend. Is that so wrong?" He responded with puppy dog eyes.

"You can only sit with me if you give me half of your sandwich."

"Deal" he said while smiling really wide and put half of his sandwich on my plate.

I'm actually really surprised he gave me some of his food. He never really shares with anyone.

I basically shoved all of food into my mouth and downed my soup. After I ate, I just really wanted to take a nap. I got up and started walking towards the door. I could feel Matts intense stare at my retreating back.

"Belllaaaaa where are you going?" Johnson asked from across the restaurant.

"Well Johnson, I need to catch up on my night job. You can come help if you want" I called back.

I didn't really care if the whole place was staring at me at this point. All of the guys were practically peeing themselves.

Aaron got out of his chair and started walking towards me. It got too hot in there for me, so I waited for Aaron outside.

As soon as he walked out, we headed back to the hotel.

"Why'd you come with me?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever. So I decided to walk with you."

"Awh thanks baby cakes, but I was planning on taking a nap when I got back."

"Well, before you take this nap, we need to plan a prank to do to the guys during magcon tonight."

"Oh my gosh Aaron you are brilliant my bushy haired friend."

"What're we going to do?"

"It needs to be good."

"I've got it"

He told me his plan and let me tell you. This Magcon is going to be insane.

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