The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


12. Chapter 12

Bella's P.O.V.

We got off of the plane and headed to the baggage claim. Aka, the spiny thing. I grabbed my bags and waited for Matt and Tay's. Eventually they showed up, but Matt struggled to get his up so we had to wait for the thing to do another full rotation until he got it.

Before we got on the plane, I had called my aunt and told her that I was coming home. She was overjoyed and was supposed to be picking us up from the airport. We walked out and began looking for her.

"BELLA!" I heard from across the airport. I saw my aunt Michelle standing there with the biggest tears in her eyes. I ran over to her and gave her a hug.

"I've missed you so much. We all have. The boys are at your house dropping off the dogs, since we figured you'd want to spend some time with them for a while before you leave again" she told me, still crying.

"Thank you so much! I've missed you a lot and there's so much I need to tell all of you!" I turned around and waved the boys over. They grabbed my bags and walked to us. "Michelle, this is Matthew Espinosa and Taylor Caniff. They're part of that group I've been traveling with and they're basically my family." Taylor stuck out his hand but my aunt pulled him into a hug. Same with Matt.

"If Isabelle considers you family, then you're my family too. Now let's get out of this airport. It's too muggy in here" she said and walked to the doors. We followed behind her and went to her car.

"SHOTGUN" I yelled and sprinted to the front seat. I hopped in and locked the door. When the guys caught up to me, I stuck my tongue out. They laughed and climbed into the back after putting our stuff in the trunk.

My aunt and I talked the whole car ride, just getting caught up, while the guys were sitting on their phones the entire time. Before I know it, we're pulling into my neighborhood.

"Oh. My. God. Nothing's changed!" I exclaimed. There were tears in my eyes but I didn't care.

We drove into my driveway and I didn't move. Right there, parked in the same spot it's been since I was practically born, was my moms car.

"I thought it was totaled?" I was so confused.

"The dealership decided that they would fix it for you. No charge. It was the least they could do considering what happened" Michelle explained.

I got out of the car and went to get my bags. Slowly, I walked up to my front door. I breathed in deeply and unlocked the door. I opened it and stepped inside.

Everything was exactly where it's been since I left. I dropped my bags and began walking around. The first room to my right, was where you typically found me. There were some old fashioned, flowery couches, but that's not why I was always here. My baby grand piano was sitting in the corner, looking so lonely. I walked over to it and ran my hand over the keys. I played a few chords and sighed, letting my memory get the best of me. I would sit on this bench and play for hours before even looking at my homework.

I looked around again and saw my collection of Disney movies. When I was growing up, Disney was a religion in my house. I owned every single Disney movie ever made. Correction- every GOOD Disney movie. None of this Teen Beach Movie shit. The classics.

I walked into my kitchen, since that was the next closest room. I looked around, remembering all of the times my parents struggled to get us to sit down for dinner instead of going to play outside. I laughed out loud remembering this one time when my mom actually tied us down to eat so we wouldn't run off.

The next room was the living room. Our huge tv was in here and the more modern couches. Many family gatherings were held in here. Separated by a half-wall, was the dining room. I remember when my mom would buy these little cinnamon hearts that would be so spicy, but we always wanted more.

I walked up the stairs, dragging my hand along the wall. In the first hallway I stopped. We used to have knee hockey tournaments here. Me and my older brother, Luke, and I on one team against my two younger brothers, Joe and Rick, and my younger sister, Rebecca. I'd always win.

The first door on my right was my sisters room. Still as messy as ever.

The next room was Joe's. All of our old hockey equipment was thrown everywhere. I believe it was because he was having a meltdown about not having the correct size shin pads.

All the way down the hallway was Luke's room. I was always the closest to him. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before entering his room. You could just faintly smell his cologne in here. We would stay up really late in here, just having deep conversations about everything and anything.

Across the hall was my parents room. I don't think I can handle this one. The door was still slightly open. I pushed it completely open and walked inside. I walked through the room. Looking at all of the old pictures of my happy little family. I started to cry. I walked into the connecting bathroom and opened the cabinets. It always smelt like her perfume in here, it was almost a comfort thing for me. I grabbed her favorite perfume and sprayed it on my wrist. The tears came down harder. I walked over to her closet and checked behind her door. That was where she hide her year round supply of candy canes. They were still there. I laughed.

The last room to go to was mine. I opened the door and walked inside. My room was probably the cleanest, considering I had to take most of my belongings to California. All of my picture frames were still there since I didn't want to bring them with me. Memories flowed back. My big stereo was still set up in its corner and my collection of books was looking really dusty. On top I. My radio I spotted my flute case. I walked over to it and lightly pressed down so I could hear the familiar squish of the pads. I couldn't handle it anymore. I walked out of my room and down the stairs.

I heard voices coming from outside, so that's where I went. As soon as I opened the door, I heard barking. I cried some more. My dogs, Lexus (German Shepard) and Kira (Husky) both attacked me. I'm surprised they still remembered me. I let them lick my face and I laughed. Matt and Taylor were trying to help me up, but got dragged down by me. The dogs began attacking them and I got up.

I looked up after dusting myself off. I made eye contact with my favorite group of cousins.

"ERIC!" I attacked him in a hug, then his brothers, Richard and Tim.

"Tells everything that's happened!" They all asked... In unison...

"Uhmm I'll tell you guys when the whole family is together, Kay?"

They groaned, but nodded. I turned back to Michelle.

"Is the garage the same?"

"Go see for yourself"

This time, I dragged Taylor and Matt with me during my exploration.

We got to the garage patio and I slide open the door. We renovated it a few months before the accident. Everything was all fancy. But I didn't care about that. I ran to the spiral stairs and climbed them.

It was still the same up here from when I left. All of our childhood toys were up here. We called it the "toy graveyard" since that's basically what it was. I combed through all of the toys, just thinking about all of the good parts of my childhood.

"Bella come down here! We've got a surprise for you" one of my cousins shouted.

"Coming!" I yelled back down.

"C'mon guys" I dragged the two down with me.

I was about to ask what they wanted, but then I saw it. And let me tell you. My scream could be heard from Australia.

"ISABELLA!!!!" I screamed.

"ISABELLE!!!!!!" She screamed back.

She gave me the tightest hug ever. But I didn't care cause I missed dis bitch. She's been my best friend since like the first grade. Our story is similar to Jack and Jack's, but our names aren't exactly the same.


"Okay class go find your card with your name on it and sit there" the teacher said.

I looked around the classroom looking for my card. I found it and took my seat. I turned to the girl next to me.

"Hi I'm Isabelle!" I said.

"Hi I'm Isabella!" She responded.

"Our names are almost the same!"

"You're wearing my shirt!"

"Hey let's be best friends, okay?"


And we were best friends ever since.

*End of Flashback*

"I missed you, you skank! Don't leave me again!" She was scolding me.

"Well I'll definitely leave, but maybe you can come with me this time" I told her mischievously.


"I know"

From the front yard you could hear Taylor and Matt making a vine.

"In Bella's hometown for the first time ever!" Taylor was saying.



I looked at Isabella and we laughed.

"Okay well we have to go now. You know how that hockey schedule is" Michelle said and laughed.

"Oh yeah! Be glad they aren't at 6 in the morning anymore!" I responded.

"Bye Isabelle, we'll see you soon!" And they were gone.

Matt, Taylor, Iz, and myself went inside.

"Fuck, we need food" I made this realization.

"Let's just go shopping. We need to stock up anyways" Matt gave the wonderful suggestion.

"I'll make a deal. If we get all of the rotted, old food out of the fridge and cabinets, we'll go shopping. Deal?" I'm so good at compromises. We'll get some cleaning done and get good shopping off our list.

"LEGGO" and we got to work.

2 hours later, my kitchen was sparkling.

"Thanks guys, now let's go get some food"

We went to the nearest Market Basket and each got a carriage. I took Matt and we went to go get the real food, while we let Izzy and Taylor get the junk food, since that's all they really know for food.

We walked up and down the aisles, occasionally bumping into Tay and Iz. Matt was grabbing all the food he liked and I didn't really care since we basically ate all of the same food.

"So what do you think about Isabella?" I asked him.

"She's so pretty! I love her eyes and how her hair just shines when the sun was on it. And she's not afraid to be herself" he replied, almost embarrassed.

"Aw does my little Machu have a cwush?" I poked his cheeks.

"Maybe a little bit. But don't you dare tell her!"

"I won't. I'll just hook you guys up"

"You're the bestttttt"

"I knowwwww"

About two hours later, we were all done and walked to the check out. Our total cost was like $500 or something, but we made it work. We took all of the food and put it in the trunk of my moms old car. I tossed Tay the keys and we headed back to my house.

Everyone helped unpack the food but then headed to bed. Isabella stayed the night in the guest room, where she usually stayed, and Tay and Matt slept on either the couches or my floor. Tay chose my floor since he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to break down in the middle of the night.

At around 2 in the morning I was still awake. I couldn't sleep at all. I looked down at Taylor and saw him drooling a little bit. I grabbed my phone and vined him.

"Look at the wittle bawby" I said to the camera and showed Taylor. I uploaded and tried to sleep again.

I got out of my bed. There was no way I was going to sleep. I walked into my huge closet and pulled down the stairs to the attic. When I was about 10 and started taking dance really seriously, my parents transformed the attic of our house into a dance studio with soundproof walls. Whenever I wasn't in the music room, I was up here.

I put my phone onto the iHome dock and turned the volume up. No one could hear it so it didn't matter how loud it was. I just danced and danced and danced. And had no cares about anything for the first time in a while.

Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera came on. This was the song me and Nash were slow dancing to. I faltered a little at the beginning of the song, but then really poured my heart into it. I have it everything. Every emotion I felt while I was with Nash was shown in that dance.

After the song ended, I just laid on the ground and listened to the music. Eventually, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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