The Girl With The Past

Bella joins the Magcon group after some dramatic incidents happen with her past. Nobody knew about who she was before she moved. Until it became necessary for her to spill her secrets.


11. Chapter 11

Bella's P.O.V.

Nothing was the same after that. Carter, Cameron, Nash and Hayes left Magcon for 26MGMT and Shawn was asked to go on tour with Austin Mahone for the summer. Meaning he won't be back. Our family was changing.

In addition to the Jacks, Taylor, Mahogany, Aaron, Matt, and myself, we got a couple of new people. Taylor's best friend, Dillon Rupp, and a friend of the Jacks, Sammy Wilkinson joined the fam. I still miss the other guys, but they're off doing things that are going to help them in the long run.

I still think about Nash all of the time. I know I was really hard on him, but I kind of expected a little bit more from him. Holy sweet baby Jesus I sound like a parent. I'm just saying that I never thought he'd cheat on me, like ever. But anyways, I'm miss him like crazy. We were only together for like two weeks, but I'll never feel what I felt when I was with him with anyone else. It was special.

At the moment, the guys, Mahogany, and I were just relaxing at the beach. Bart gave us two weeks off before we flew off to Boston for a Magcon event. Yeah it's gonna be tough for me, but I'm going to get over it. I need to.

"Belles, are you going to be okay going to Boston? You don't have to go if you don't want to" Mahogany told me while we were tanning.

"Mahogany I'll be fine. Anyways, I was thinking I'd head up a week early. I want to check on my old house and maybe clean it up a bit"

"Are you sure you can handle that?"

"Mahogany, chill out. I'm not a little baby" and then I got up and walked away.

I was walking for a while and stopped. I sat down in the sand. It hurt knowing Mahogany didn't think I could handle being in my own house. It's taken me like one and a half years to even think about going back home and now one of my best friends doesn't even think I can do it.

After a while of playing with the sand, I heard someone walking towards me. I didn't feel like moving. A person sat down next to me and pulled me into them.

"Hi Taylor" I said.

"How the fuck did you know it's me?"

"I can tell who you guys are by your hugs"

"What the fuck?" He asked and started laughing.

"I don't know, it's weird"

"It sounds weird"

"So why'd you come here?"

"Mahogany told me what happened"

"Oh" was all I said as I moved out from under his arm.

"Bella, I don't think she's right. If you want to go home, you can. No one should stop you"

"I know, but when one of your best friends doesn't think you can handle it, it hurts"

"I know. Most of my friends back at home didn't think I'd make it doing Vines and YouTube videos, that hurt, but I still went through with it. You've got to do what makes you happy." Damn. Taylor gets deep as fuck. One of reasons I love him.

"You're so right Taylor. Thanks beautiful" I said and gave him a huge hug.

"Alright now let's get back to the others. It's getting cold"

"At least you thought to put a sweatshirt on Caniff"

"Here you can have it" he said while beginning to pull it off.

"Taylor you'd better keep that on. We don't need any of the girls here to die at the sight of abs"

He laughed and left it on. We joked around until we got back to the rest of the crew. Since it was getting dark, they began a fire. Swag.


Almost immediately, marshmallows and chocolate were getting thrown at me.

"DON'T WASTE THE PRECIOUS CHOCOLATE" I freaked out. Chocolate is life.

"We've got enough to last like 5 months Bell, chill" Johnson told me.

"You'd better" they laughed at me. "STOP LAUGHING AND HOOK ME UP WITH A S'MORE"

Soon, all of the materials for a s'more were in my hands. I put a marshmallow on the stick and put it over the fire.

"So guys, I'm going back home in a few days" I said.

"But you are home" Aaron said.

"No I mean like home home. I'm going back to Brockton"

"I'm coming with you" Matt said.

"Yeah me too" Taylor said.

"WE'RE COMING TOO!" The Jacks yelled.

"Alright alright, you can all come if you want"


"But you're helping me clean it up"


"You guys don't have to go..."

"We're coming" they all said together.

"Whatever" and our night continued.

*5 days later, at the airport*

"Are you sure you don't want all of us to go with you right now?" Aaron asked.

I told everyone I'm only going to bring Taylor and Matt with me two days before everyone else, just to make sure everything is in order.

"I'm absolutely positive. I need to check up on everything before you guys get there"

"Okay well call us if you need us!" Mahogany told me.

"I will" and gave her and everyone else a hug.

"Flight 345 to Boston, now boarding"

"Well that's us" Taylor said.

"Bye guys! We'll see you in a few days!" I said as Matt, Taylor, and I walked to the terminal.

I handed the lady my ticket and we walked to the plane. I got to my seat and waited to take flight.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We'll be taking off shortly. Please turn off all electronics until we are at cruising height"

I turned off my phone like the good girl I am.

Just like the captain said, we were airborne in no time.

"Now that we are at a cruising level, please feel free to use your electronics on the wifi the plane offers. We do not recommend using any phones that use a cell tower. Thank you"

I connected my phone to the wifi as well as my laptop. I pulled up vine and began just being stupid with Taylor and Matt.

"I'm gonna arm wrestle all the people on this plane" Taylor shouted really loudly. I laughed and uploaded the vine. Matt fell asleep on my shoulder with his headphones in. I looked at Taylor and I guess we were thinking the same thing. I reached over and picked up his phone. I blasted his volume and he screamed.

"HOLY FUCK!" He said. Taylor and I cracked up. Everyone in our general area were looking at Matt with disgust.

"Sorry" he apologized with a shrug.

The rest of the ride was pretty boring. Eventually both guys fell asleep on me. I decided to take a picture of them and post it.

I captioned it as "Someone save me! They drool and snore! At the same time!" I chose not to tag them so they can be surprised.

Almost instantly comments came in. I followed some people back. Something caught my eye as I scrolled through twitter. Some of the tweets were from one of the guys. Specifically, Nash.

"I miss how things used to be"

"Can't you forgive me?"

"Wish I could take it back"

I couldn't help it, I cried. I guess I woke up Matt because his arms were around me.

"Izzy, it's okay. Shhh calm down. Everything's going to be okay"

I wiped my eyes. "Matt, do you think I should forgive him?"

"What do you think is right?"

"I don't even know! He tried apologizing and I was a bitch. I didn't even hear what he had to say!"

"Iz, Iz, look at me" I looked up slightly. He lifted my chin so my eyes met his. "He loves you. With everything in him. I don't know what happened with him and that girl, but I know that he loves you. He really does"

"Thanks Matt. You're the best"

"Yup" he said. I couldn't tell if he was upset or not since there were so many thoughts going through my head right now.

"Ladies and gentlemen please put on your seatbelts. The plane is landing shortly"

Well let's get this over then, shall we?

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