A poem I wrote months after a break up. I thought I was over it.


1. Ghost


I don't know who you think you are,

But it must be something special

For you to have followed me this far.

I'm going to leave you behind

Because that chapter's closed.

It's time to cast you out

because you're just a ghost.

I don't know where you really are

But you're inside my head tonight

You used my heart, as a playing card

I'm turning on the light now,

To drive your shadow away.

You're nothing but a ghost now,

But I'll live to see another day.

You're nothing but a feeling,

I have when the moon is full.

You can't stop me now

You're an echo of a soul

Your feelings vanished like a vapour

You turned into a stranger

I can learn to love again someday

But you will never live the same way.

Wander alone if no one comes close

But leave me alone, I'm not afraid of ghosts.

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