Chick Gone Mad

After the "1,000th" break up of Justin and Selena , Selena finally try's to get revenge, even though they both decided it would be best to split up, she now wants him back, but Justin has feelings for some one else.


4. Torture




I went sleepless that night and the night after that. Staring at the wall was my knew hobby, eating my feelings and watching Law & Order was the most fun my week has been. I think it is a world record how long my phone has been off.  I give it a mean look like it just punched me in the face. Still staring at it,  I walk over to the glass table where it has been for a week, quiet and staring off into space. I pick it up and type in my pass code quickly like I was ripping off a band aid with the same burn too. 5 messages from Justin (boo) in my contacts. "I should change that," I say to myself opening text number one;

Justin: why didn't you come to the party

Justin: what's wrong

Justin: I'm freaking out

Justin: please call me !!!!!!!!!!!

Justin: miss u ):

A smile slowly raised too my face  and went back down as I remembered that he is still in love with his dumb ass ex .


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