Chick Gone Mad

After the "1,000th" break up of Justin and Selena , Selena finally try's to get revenge, even though they both decided it would be best to split up, she now wants him back, but Justin has feelings for some one else.


2. Me and biebs

Justin and I have been dating for 3 weeks, but I am sure you want to know how we met an average girl with   gorgeous Justin with millions of fans. On a Saturday  night  party  hosted by Kendal Jenner. While I was dancing with my girlfriends (Demi and Taylor) Justin caught my eye  I think just as I caught his as I kept dancing thinking he had looked away  glancing once more over at him noticing his eyes were drawn on me like I was the only other person on earth. I started towards him, the beat of my heart matching my footsteps. Just as we met eyes I was the first to say hello the convo went on and later that night he asked me out we ditched  the party and went to his place ........... but this story is not about  how me and Justin's relationship it is about the bitch that might end it

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