A new chance

This is all about NCIS Los Angeles and what would happen if Kensi had a sister who is working with the bad guys but works with her sister's team and pits the bad guys away for life while rescuing her boyfriend who was prisoner for his whole life and is related to one of kensi's team mates. A lot of Densi in parts and a lot of pov's and 3rd person point of view


4. a new chance chapter 4


"Melanie I know you just want to focus on your Jon right now but I think it's important you hear about our family." Julia Feldman said.

"Mom I want to but I know some of it. I know that dad was a marine and you lived with him moving from base to base every time he got transferred. I know that something happened to you and you decided that you would find a house for the two of you that one day he would come back to that home and you would be able to live with each other without the fear of being blown up or shot at because that's what could've happened on base. You also said in a letter to me a few years ago that 2 marines came to your front door and gave you a few boxes of dad's things from back on the base because he had died in some explosion and the marines were looking into it because they think he was murdered but it turns out he went to a bar that night and got behind the wheel, he hit another car and his blew up." Melanie said with hesitations because hearing the story again would bring them both to tears but neither of them cried.

"Yes you may know what happened to your father, but did you know that he and I had your sister who is still alive and not even 20 minutes away from our house to this very day Julia told Melanie hoping it would ring a bell or she would be interested in looking for her sister.

"Tell me about her mini want to know what she is like, what she does and when we can see her." Melanie said sounding very interested because things happened to Melanie and she didn't want to believe she had a sister but now it was a proven fact.

(End of flashback)

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