A new chance

This is all about NCIS Los Angeles and what would happen if Kensi had a sister who is working with the bad guys but works with her sister's team and pits the bad guys away for life while rescuing her boyfriend who was prisoner for his whole life and is related to one of kensi's team mates. A lot of Densi in parts and a lot of pov's and 3rd person point of view


3. a new chance chapter 3

And then they opened the car door, shot the marine and driver and took Melanie by the collar of her shirt and dragged her out of the car to the ground. She looks up and noticed she had 3 rifles pointed at her and at that second she remembered her boyfriend, her foster family and her mother who had just recently told her that she had a sister who was a cop. The last thing Melanie is remembering is that her mother had just told her about having a sister and a father who she never.

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