A new chance

This is all about NCIS Los Angeles and what would happen if Kensi had a sister who is working with the bad guys but works with her sister's team and pits the bad guys away for life while rescuing her boyfriend who was prisoner for his whole life and is related to one of kensi's team mates. A lot of Densi in parts and a lot of pov's and 3rd person point of view


2. a new chance chapter 2

Melanie was scared out of her mind just as she saw 3 guys get out of the van with rifles and move very fast towards the limo. The marine was barely alive but well enough to reach into his jacket and pull out a manila envelope, and with what strength he had left he had to reach out and give the envelope to Melanie. "Take this to the LAPD headquarters and ask for ms. Henrietta Lange of NCIS. When you see her tell her an old friend of Owen Granger sent you. She'll know who I am then. And one more thing. DONT let anyone else see what is in this envelope except for her. Do you understand?" He said very faintly. Melanie nodded as she took the envelope just as she heard the guys outside the limo say "kill everyone but the girl."

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