A new chance

This is all about NCIS Los Angeles and what would happen if Kensi had a sister who is working with the bad guys but works with her sister's team and pits the bad guys away for life while rescuing her boyfriend who was prisoner for his whole life and is related to one of kensi's team mates. A lot of Densi in parts and a lot of pov's and 3rd person point of view


1. a new chance chapter 1

Melanie had just left her "new" home and realized she had 2 hours until she had to be at work. She was walking down the street heading towards the LAPD headquarters when he pulled up in a limo and rolled down the window. A very nice IS marine told the driver to stop the car and he looked over at me. "Can I give you a lift anywhere miss?" He said in the sweetest voice ever. Melanie loved marines, what they stood for and prayed every night that they all go back to their families safely. Melanie asked him of he could take her to the LAPD headquarters. He gave her a smile, opened the limo door and said "hop in" and that's what she did. He whispered something into the phone in the back of the limo that connected to the front so the driver and him can communicate and they silently drove off towards the HOLLYWOOD sign.

"I thought you might want to take a quick trip up to the HOLLYWOOD sign and it's the quickest way to the headquarters." He exclaimed.

(Fast forward to the limo being at the HOLLYWOOD sign.)

Just as we were about to pull out of the rest area of the sign, the back of the limo was struck with what appeared to Melanie as an unmarked white van.

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