Trip to London....

Kaitlyn was never a fan of One Direction, shes more into rock.... But one time she enter one of there contest for a chance to win for her friends that are a big fan of the boys, there names are Nina, Lisy, and Zayra.... What will happen if they meet them?!? Is love on the air?!? Look and see

Please comment what you think because its my first one... Sorry if its bad...


1. The contest...


Nina- 18 years old second oldest in the group, short brown hair with a caramel highlights, her eyes are gray that change color

Kaitlyn- 17 years old youngest in the group, long dirty blonde hair with an aqua blue tips, her eyes are an ocean blue that turns into a darker blue when she's sad

Zayra- 19years old oldest in the group, long brown hair with an ombré going on at the tips, her eyes are honey brown turn darker at night

Lisy- 18 years old second youngest in the group, long light brown hair with a blonde highlights, her eyes are hazel, green at day, brown at night.

Nina's POV

"Omg the One Direction new music new music video is out!!!!" Zayra screamed

"Noooo. Your kidding right!!!" I yelled

"Why would I, I been waiting for it since last Tuesday and I've been watching there count down video dah!!!! By the way your haven't pay attention with our babies anymore?!? Why?!? What happen?!?" Zayra said

"Well I've been looking for a job cuz I wanna live by myself I'm tired of sharing rooms with my brother, plus were 18 and turning 19 we can live by ourself and have fun right!" I replied

"Oh my god yes!!! We can all live in one house! No parents, no annoying siblings, no curfew, only us having a blast all day and all night!!!" Zayra suggested

"That's not actually a bad idea! It would be so much fun if we all live in one house but we need to wait for Kaitlyn till she turn 18 in a few months tho....." I answered

"Okay then it's a plan right!" Zayra said

"Right! So now let's go tell the other girls the plan. And by the way wanna go to the mall? It's too boring at my house." I suggested

"Why not!" Zayra answered

So I called my 2 other best friends Kaitlyn and Lisy, they agreed to go to the mall with us and they were also excited with the plan were making when Kaitlyn turn 18. Now were all getting ready to go to the mall and meeting then there in an hour.

At the mall.....

Kaitlyn's POV

"Where are they we've been waiting for like an hour here" I whined

" stop over exaggerating, we only been waiting for 10 minutes" Lisy respond

"Well you all know that I'm an impatient person!!!" I kinda yelled

"I know that, but I bet you Zayra is the one who's making Both of them late, she took forever to get ready" Lisy replied

5 more minutes we finally saw then walking toward us. Thanks god because I'm really hungry and I really have a bad temper when I'm hungry.

"Finally you guys are here, we've been waiting for like an hour!" I said with I bit of attitude

"Sorry sorry! Zayra want to go to her house and get change and fix her hair and her makeup because she said she looks horrible while she looks perfectly fine" Nina respond

"See what did I told you." Lisy said

"Okay whatever we're here let's go meet some cute boys!" Zayra said in a high pitch

"No!!!" The 3 of us respond

"We're hungry!" I added

"Okay okay fine lets go eat first then" Zayra replied

"Thank you" I respond

When we finished eating, we went to the very first floor were we see a lot of banner for a dancing and singing contest. Our crew, Zayra, Lisy, Nina, and I are actually not bad at dancing we been competing for 4 years. Actually Nina is the one who introduce us to dancing and this kinda contest because she's been dancing since she was in diapers, but we all don't regret it we loved it. Dancing take our problem away and we all need it going through high school, and it worked since then we keep doing so much better and better.

We went to the dance side and Nina put our names on it like she do every year.

"Hey guys I'll be at the bathroom in just a minutes, I really need to pee" I said

Instead of going to the bathroom I went to the side where all singing contest were because I could secretly sing and play the guitar. My parents and my brother said I was good at it so I record myself singing but I just do it for fun and leave it to my laptop save.While I was skimming through the papers I saw the one that every teen girl were looking at the one direction singing contest, that you have to sing one of their song from their 3 album. I was thinking to myself that's stupid but then I read the last sentence that said 1 person can win 4 tickets to see a one direction concert and travel with them the whole tour. When I saw the last sentence the 3 of my best friends who help me with everything and always there for me pops inside my head. I know I'm going to look stupid but it worth a try to enter and make my best friends happy.

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