Trip to London....

Kaitlyn was never a fan of One Direction, shes more into rock.... But one time she enter one of there contest for a chance to win for her friends that are a big fan of the boys, there names are Nina, Lisy, and Zayra.... What will happen if they meet them?!? Is love on the air?!? Look and see

Please comment what you think because its my first one... Sorry if its bad...


4. The bus

Kaitlyn POV

I open my door and my eyes widened when i saw the person staring at me face to face....

"Hey beautiful" Louis said

Wait.... Did The Louis Tomlinson called my beautiful.....oh my god oh my god!!!

"He...ey uhm i thought you guys are goin to be here in 20 minutes, i guess you guys are early..." I said awkwardly at the front of the door.

"Yea sorry about that, but may I come in?" Louis said.

"Ahh of course..." I answered

He walk in awkwardly, but I already knew the awkward will turn into....

"Oh my fucking god" zayra yelled

Crazy screaming fans. I think my ear drum stop working for a second.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Honey!!!" My mom yelled and run to the living room.

"Mom it's okay, Zayra just freaked out!" I told her

"Why?!?" Mom asked

Then I point my finger at Louis sitting on the couch and my mom nodded and start walking back the kitchen.

Few minutes later Nina and Lisy went down and also was shock when they saw Louis sitting on the couch next to Zayra and run over to him and start asking questions.

"Omg your here, where's the other guy?!?" Lisy said.

"Do u want anything to eat?!?" Nina said.

"Why are you so fucking perfect?" Zayra half yelled

"Oops, did I screamed that out loud" zayra said in embarrassment

We all nodded at the same time

Louis POV

I have to say all of them are really beautiful, the boys will be so happy, but they know Kaitlyn is mine only mine. I know I sound kinda selfish, but I don't care she's so stunning even if she's not trying to be.

"Uhm... You guys ready? cuz the other guys are waiting for us..." I told them

"Yup" they all said at the same time

They start giving goodbye hug and kisses at kaityn's mom and I have her a wave so at least I wouldn't disrespect her.

"Where's the bus?" Lisy asked

"Go straight up the block and you'll see it, love" I answered

She just nodded for thanks.

I walked in first inside the bus and heard running towards me.

"Aye! Come down lads!" Louis said

"Louis is her friends pretty?" Harry asked

"There coming!" Zayn yelled

Harry POV

Were all trying to look cool and suddenly we heard someone goin up the small stairs and we saw the girl who won the contest, she is actually prettier in person, but Louis got her not goin to be an asshole friend! Next, a girls who have an ombré hair and a honey brown eyes came in and she is pretty, but not my type, on the other hand Zayn is drooling over her. Then, the girl who's coming in was beautiful her hair was brown but with blonde highlights, her hazel eyes was beautiful and it perfectly fit her,but I turn to my other side and saw Liam can't move, talk, or breathe, if you see Mr. Payne like that it means he's in love right away. Ugh.... I guess no romance for me inside the tour bus. But then I heard someone coming up, I forgot there's another one, but I really have to pee, so I'll just meet her later.

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