Trip to London....

Kaitlyn was never a fan of One Direction, shes more into rock.... But one time she enter one of there contest for a chance to win for her friends that are a big fan of the boys, there names are Nina, Lisy, and Zayra.... What will happen if they meet them?!? Is love on the air?!? Look and see

Please comment what you think because its my first one... Sorry if its bad...


5. Bathroom at first sight

Niall POV

Every single one of the girls are pretty but the last one just caught my eyes. I guess cuz she's unique and different than other girls I saw. She have a really short dark brown hair with caramel highlights and her eyes are blue? Wait no green? Nevermind, is it hazel? Wait wat does her eyes change colors?!? That is fucking cool!

Everyone is busy with each girl, so I came up to her to say hi, I don't want a beautiful girl like her feeling all alone.

"Hi" I said

"Hey, so I guess everyone is on there own business..." She replied

"Yeah, the guys likes your best friends." I whispered

"No way!" She whispered back with an excitement

"Yup" I replied

"They all look so cute together." She said

"I know right!" I agreed

"Wait, there is usually 5 of u guys.... Wheres Harry?" She asked

"Probably inside his room sleeping" I answered

"Oh ok, but anyway I got to go used the bathroom" she said

And I nodded and let her do her business.

Harry POV

I just finished doin my business and fixing my hair, so I opened the door and suddenly I bump to somebody really hard and got the person on the floor. I was going to laugh cuz I thought it was one of the lads, but good thing I didn't cuz it was a girl, she's beautiful than the others. I can't stop staring at her eyes until she broke the silent.

"Umm.... Sorry, I thought you were sleeping at your bunk, Niall told me " she said shyly as I was helping her up

"Oh it's okay. By the way what's your name?" I replied

"N-Nina..." Nina answered shyly

"What a pretty name, love." I said

After that I move out of way and let her go do her little business.

While I was walking Liam and the girl name Lisy I think was walking toward me.

"Is everything ok?" Liam asked

"Huh?" I replied with confusion

"We heard a loud sound towards you, it's like someone fell or something!" Lisy replied with worry on her face

Wow! I can see why this two can be a perfect match.

"Oh, well While I was going out of the bathroom I bump on your friend, Nina. I'm really sorry that I hurt your friend I didn't mean it. I wouldn't hurt a beautiful girl like her" I said as fast as I can so no one can understand.

"I understand that, Harry" Lisy told me

"Ugh... I was hoping not." I replied

And they walk out while Lisy giving me a big smirked.

Zayn POV

Once I saw her beautiful face pop out, I just can't get my eyes of her... I know I just a have a really bad break up with my ex, Perry, but I have a feeling she's going to mend my broken heart

"Hey" Zayra said walking towards me

Keep it together Malik! Keep it together!

"What's up?" I asked

"Really excited to meet u guys" she answered with excitement

I guess she's a big fan

"Well were here.... On the same bus .... Hanging out.... How awesome is that....." I replied awkwardly

Really that's all! Real smooth Zayn ! Real smith!

"Yeah it is!" she said with a big smile on her face

Then suddenly I heard I loud sound, like someone fell, I was going to check it out, but Liam and Zayra's friend beat me into it, so I just kept on talking to her and she is so very attractive!


Author's Note:

As you guys see Louis has Kaitlyn tattooed on his heart, also Liam with Lisy, and Zayn with Zayra. But what about Harry and Niall?!? Are they both attracted to Nina? Are they going to start a love triangle?

Comment what you guys think?

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