Babysitting my bully (Remake)

When Skylar's mom leaves for a business trip she is forced to babysit Harry Styles, her bully. Will Harry end up changing his attitude towards Skylar over summer vacation?


3. Three

Skylar's pov: I looked at him and looked down at my hands. I examined my left hand and saw the large scar that formed from squishing the glass in my hand last year. I looked at him and shook my head. "Don't say sorry to me, Harry Styles," I said before standing up. "You made me feel like a waste of space, a nobody!"I yelled. He stood up and then looked down to the carpeted ground. "I know what I did, Skylar! this is why I'm in your room!"He said looking up and into my eyes. I looked away from him and crossed my arms. "I just can't deal with this right now," I said. He nodded and made his way out of my door. 

"I'll be gone for the whole day!"He said before closing my door. I turned around and threw myself on my bed. I covered myself in my blanket and closed my eyes tightly. "I wish I could just fade away" I whispered to myself. Being in this shitty world makes me sick. The people in this world make me sick. In this world, we cannot trust nobody but ourselves. I know I have to stay strong because I know that my mother cares about me. I took a deep breath in, held it for 3 seconds, and exhaled.


I was walking through the halls and saw my best friend, Luke. I could see him talking with Harry's girlfriend. I walked over to him and stopped in my tracks and saw him look at me and start to laugh. "Skylar, you finally don't look like shit," Jane said. Luke snickered and shook his head. "She looks like shit every day," He said. What the hell, Luke?

"that's why no one is her friend" He added. What the fuck do you mean? aren't you my best friend?

"Aren't you her friend?"Jane smirked. He shook his head and looked at me. "I didn't want to be your friend anyways," he said shoving me back a little. If you didn't want to be my friend then why did you even talk to me? why did you invite me over to see your place? You can go and fuck yourself, Luke. 

"Damn, Luke!"Jane said. He looked at her and smiled. "I'm not wasting my time on a loser," Luke said. Wow, that's not what you said last night on the phone with me, bitch. I cannot put my trust in people anymore because people out there are so two-faced and fake these days and you can't tell real from fake no more. I mean, if you're going to be two-faced make one pretty.

~Flashback over~

"Two-faced Luke" I laughed sitting up. I got out and walked out of my room and into the hallway. "I will not say that to Skylar! for fucks sake Jane! don't be so fucking annoying!"Harry yelled. I walked all the way to the staircase and sat down on the stairs.

"If you don't shut up about this Luke, I will hang up," He said. I want nothing to do with Luke. I hate him, his guts, and his ugly face. "You know what? I'm done with your shit. It's over, Jane. Don't text me, don't call me, and don't come by my place!"He roared with anger...oh shit

I stood up and saw harry open the door and slam it behind him. I ran down the stairs and locked the door. I sighed loudly and ran into the living room and jumped on the couch. 

"Jane must have said something really stupid to piss him off like that"I whispered

A/N: Sorry if this chapter was boring XD I tried my best 

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