Babysitting my bully (Remake)

When Skylar's mom leaves for a business trip she is forced to babysit Harry Styles, her bully. Will Harry end up changing his attitude towards Skylar over summer vacation?


6. Six

Harry's pov: I felt her touch my face and then smirk. "Do you know who's going to save you?"She laughed. I looked into her green eyes and shook my head. "Get that gun off of him," Skylar said. She took the gun off my forehead and smirked at her. "Do me a favor and get out of my house immediately!"Skylar yelled. I looked over to see Skylar and saw that her face was very red. I watched Luke run off to the kitchen. "I'm trying to help you!"Jane yelled, swinging her gun around. 

"Get your crazy ass out of my house!"Skylar screamed while running down the steps. She walked all the way to the door, opened it, and pushed Jane out. "Leave Harry alone. I already forgave him even though his words hurts me" She said slamming the door and locking it. She looked over at me and crossed her arms before walking off to the kitchen. "Are you insane? Do you know she had a gun with her?"I said before running after her. 

"I understand she had a gun with her, but she wasn't going to shoot you," She said, locking the door shut and leaning against it. She softly rubbed her eyes, making me break into a smile. "Are you tired?"I asked, watching her look at me and slowly nod. As she was about to say something, I grabbed her hand and led her out of the kitchen and into the living room. 

"You know that I am very sorry, right?"I said, sitting down beside her. She sighed and let my hand go. "If you keep bring up that you're sorry, I won't hesitate to kick you out as well," She said, standing up and making her way out. I broke into a smile before watching her turn around and rub her eyes softly. "Sorry, sorry," I said, running over to her and picking her up in my arms. 

"Stop apologizing!"She said, slapping me gently. I put her down and smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, looking to the side. "I know you want to hit me even harder"I laughed. She looked at me and lifted her hand up to my face. 

"You're right about that, but I won't," She said, lowering her hand and smiling. I smirked and grabbed her hand, holding it in mine. "Why won't you hurt me? Am I too beautiful?"I asked. She smirked before stepping on my foot. "If you're going to start being cocky, I'm going to change my mind" She laughed


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