Babysitting my bully (Remake)

When Skylar's mom leaves for a business trip she is forced to babysit Harry Styles, her bully. Will Harry end up changing his attitude towards Skylar over summer vacation?


5. Five

Skylar's pov: We were sitting on the sofa together when I heard a loud knock on the door. Harry looked at me, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me up. "Stay here" He whispered before running out the room. I watched him open the door and groan. "You are going listen, Harry!"Jane yelled. He slammed the door on her face and looked at me. "I don't want to listen to your crap. I am already sick of you, Jane," He yelled while slamming his fist on the door. I watched him look at me and take a deep breath in and out.

"I'll have a talk with Jane. Stay here" He said before opening the door and walking out, leaving it open. While I got up and walked out of the living room and into the kitchen, the door was open. My mother and I barely use the kitchen door to go outside but If we do then we must be lazy to get out of the front door. As I went over to close it, Luke suddenly appeared. We were face to face until he shoved me back. "Well, well, well" He smirked while closing the door. I turned around and made a run for it. 

"You can run, but you can't hide"He yelled. I ran up the stairs and walked around in the dark. I opened a door and closed it behind me. "We've been friends for so long so I know where you hide!"Luke yelled. I was inside my mother's room. I knew that because the smell that strong perfume she loves to use.

"Come out come out wherever you are!" Luke cooed. I ran to my mother's closet, opened it, and slowly closed it. I pulled my phone out and opened Harry's messages. I could see that he started to type but then stopped. As I was about to exit the chat, he sent me a message. 

Harry: Get your ass out here, Skylar - Jane

Harry's pov: I watched her text, Skylar. I couldn't do anything about it because she threatened to kill me. She threw my phone on the floor and stepped on it with her heels. "Now, be a good boy and get in the car," She said smiling. I looked at her and crossed my arms. "What if I don't want to," I said before walking up the steps. I opened the door and turned to see her holding a gun her hands. 

"Do you seriously want to know!"She yelled. I laughed and held my hands up in surrender. She smirked and looked up at the staircase. I turned around to see Luke running down the stairs. "I couldn't find that bitch," He said. I turned my attention to Jane and rolled my eyes. 

"Do me a favor and tell your friend to stop calling Skylar a bitch" I growled. Jane looked at Luke and suddenly started to laugh. "You bully that poor girl" She laughed. 

"Not anymore! I apologized for bullying her!" I yelled. She chuckled and shook her head. "You say that to yourself but what you don't know is that those words hurt her very badly," She said. Like your words? In our relationship, it felt like you were always in charge and I guess I wanted to feel how it felt to be in charge.

"You'll need to pay for what you did to her,"She said. I turned my whole body towards her and saw her place her gun straight to my forehead



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