A Dream Come True


1. getting ready!

Kaylee just got home from school. She had to immediately get ready and go to soccer practice. When she herd a knock on the door she just thought it was her friend wanting to play.

Macs POV

"Hey Kay you wanna hang out"

"Sure Mac just let me get my things and I will be right over"

Authors note I call Mackenzie Mac and Kaylee Kay!

Kay's POV

I went over and knocked on her door.

"Hey girl so you know my sweet sixteen birthday party is this weekend right"

"How can I not that's all you talk about when your not talking about one direction."

We'll how can I not talk about one direction their 5 super hot guys who changed my life FOREVER!

"We'll you do have a point"

" so anyway I was hopeing that we could book a band what about 5sos even though I doubt that they'll come but I guess it's worth a shot."

I tried to keep my Kool even though I was red to say one direction so bad but I thought Mac would get annoyed!

"O that's a great idea but I'm surprised u didn't at one direction"

I want them to come so bad but y would they come to my sweet sixteen birthday?

" we'll anyway look at the time gtg see ya tommorrow at school o and don't forget the social studies project"

" I won't bye"

" bye Mac"

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