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1. intro

Arabella Mabel Love

Hey there. My name is Arabella. But I like to tell most people to call me by my middle name, Mabel. I just like it better. There are about three people in the world that I let call me Arabella my mom, dad, and my best friend Gabi. Me and Gabi have known each other since Pre-K. She has been there for me through everything. I love her to death. I am bullied. For being ugly, too smart, and more stuff. I have a passion for art, photography, and music. I am a honor roll student, so add that to another reason for me being bullied. My parents are always busy. I'm an only child anyway. I will move to London once I graduate. I actually have always wanted to live in London and I did it. I'm going to London with my bestie Gabi. I couldn't survive without her.

Age: 17

Birthday: March 21st

Born in: New York City, New York

Hobbies: photography, painting/drawing, playing my instruments (violin, piano, guitar, and etc.), reading.

Favorite artist/bands: Coldplay, One Republic, Green Day, Demi Lovato, Adele

Favorite color: Sea Blue & Light Green

Languages: Spanish, English, French

Career choices: Photography, Musician or Writer.

Dislikes: Sluts, bullies, hot pink, clowns, too tight clothes, too short clothes, small spaces

Extra: I was born in New York City, but then my parents job had transferred them to California. I was two about 4 when we moved and thats when I met Gabi in Pre-K.

"She might be a 'geek' but she's my geek" - Harry Styles

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