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2. chapter one

Arabella pov

No one knows how excited I am that its the last week of school. Atleast I'm graduating high school next up college. Last week of all of the teasing, and last week of me being in this country. I am finally going to London and studying there. I am so excited! To bad that I have to go to school. I am currently walking to school. I have a car, but walking lets me think more. Lets me think about whats going on in my life. I love looking around and studying every single thing about the outside world. But as always the popular kids are hanging out in the front of the school. Now all I have to do is get through the front doors without them noticing me. So I tilt my head down low so they can't see my face.

"Please don't see me. Please don't see me." I all I can say to myself to give me hope. I walk right by the jocks and the fake barbies without them noticing me. I walk down the halls searching for my locker. And I make it to my locker peacefully. I unlock my locker get my books out and start stuffing some books into my backpack so I don't have to carry them.


I flinch as my locker slams shut. And behind my locker was no other then the person that terrifies me the most in this school. Ash. My biggest bully since I started high school. I never actually knew why he hated me, but at the moment I could care less.

"Hey nerd. Since this is the last week of school." Please go easy on me.

"I'm going to make it the worst week ever."I can pratically feel my face turn pale. He smirks at me and walks away. Gee, didn't see that coming.

I sigh and walk to my first period. I take my seat and wait for class to begin.

"Hey Mabel!" There goes hyperly excited Gabi. She is waay better looking compared to me. She's gorgeous, what guy wouldn't want her. She has beautiful natural wavy long blonde hair. She never needs makeup because she's just that pretty. And then there's me. Long ugly straight brown hair. Too pale. And just ugly everything.

"Hey Gabi." She looks extremely happy. Most likely because we are finally graduating.

"Oh my god, are you excited for London!?" London, can't believe we are actually going. I heard it's beautiful.

"Can't believe we are actually going." She looks so excited that she wants to scream. Well, I know she's going to scream. So I cover her mouth so I can prevent her from screaming. I move my hand away when I'm sure she's calm again.

"Thank you. Its so weird how you know exactly what I'm going to do next." Sometimes I find it weird too.

"I'm a mind reader thats why." I say in a duh tone. She gives me that really look.

"Okay, Miss. Mind Reader. Then guess what number I'm think of. Okay 1 out of 20" I nod my head. So all I have to do is think of her favorite number (18) and subtract.

"Ready?" I nod.


"Damn! I guess you are a mind reader." And with that class begins.

-Skipping all the way to lunch-

"Hurry up Gabi. We need to get there before all of the good seats are taken." I whine as Gabi is taking foreverr putting stuff into her locker.

"Go ahead and pick a table to sit at." I walk into the lunch room, get my lunch, and look for a table to sit at. Up until my lunch is thrown all over the floor and my hair is soaked in milk. I look up and no surprise to see Brittney. The head of the fake barbie crew. There is practically not one piece of her that isn't fake. Fake boobs, fake tan, fake nose, fake nails, fake everything.

"Hey nerd, you shouldn't be eating too much your already the fattest bitch I've seen." She smirks at me. My eyes start to get watery. And then. There comes Gab

"Hey fake barbie!" Gabi calls at Brittney.

"Excuse me?" Brittney looks at Gabi and gives her a disgusted face.

"You heard me. You," She points at her guesturing to her body.

"You are only put together by plastic surgeons. Not one percent of you is real."

"You know what I don't have time to deal with unknown bitches." Brittney says walking away. But Gabi walks closer to her.

"Oh thanks for the complement WHORE!!" Gabi yells back at her and flips her off. Gabi looks back at me and notices I'm still soaked in milk.

"Come on Mabs." (A/N Mabel is pronuced Maaybel so Mabs is pronuced Maaybs. Just letting you guys know.) She grabs my arm and leads me to the restroom.

"Don't worry about Barbie, she has a real surprise coming for her." Now I'm confused.

"What do you mean?" I ask her.

"Well, lets just say that on Graduation Day she's going to get a really big surprise." Gabi's smiling while I'm sitting her extremely confused. What in the world does she have planned. I start getting my hair clean and dry. I look back down at my clothes Gabi notices and grabs me a hoodie that was in my locker just in case anything happened like today. I smile at her, get change and give her a big dramactic hug.

"I can't breathe." Gabi says dramactically.

"Sorry." We lock arms and walk to class.

-Skipping the the rest of school-

I walk back home. Safely. I unlock the front door to my house and head straight to my room. My room is filled with my drawings that I did over the years and photos I taken. I got to the bathroom and take a shower to get all of the left over milk out of my hair.

Skipping the shower

I get out of my shower feeling clean and refreshed. I take a nice good look around and see how messy my desk is so I decide to clean it. I finally get all of my papers organized and notice my blades. I just stared at them and decided to put them away. I promised myself I wouldn't cut. So instead of that I walk over to my piano. I pressed my finger tips to the keys and just played along.

Once I was done playing the piano I decide to at least start packing . I'm leaving right after the Graduation ceremony, so gotta be prepared. I start looking around for what I need to pack. And notice in one of the cabinets there are my blades. Maybe I should take them with me. But why should I? Under where my blades were at I saw a little journal with a bit of dust on it. I looka and notice the little journal as a lock on it. Thats it, this was my old diary that I used to write in everyday, but I don't remember why I stopped writing in it. The key for this diary is on a necklace. I put it on a chain so I don't ever lose the key. So I just put my blades, journal, and key necklace in my suitcase instead of arguing with myself on if I should take them all. Its really quiet in my house considering I'm an only child and my parents are never around. But I get used to them not being around so it doesn't matter to me as much as it used to. I don't even care if they're at my graduation or not. Like they ever been the ones to care about anything I do. Because they never have been there for me anyway. I glance at the clock and notice its 12:19. So I start getting myself ready for bed. I let my thougts drift away in my sleep.

-Skipping the rest of the week all the way to the last day-

Finally last day of school. This has been the worst week so far in my life. Monday, I was spilled with milk and my lunch was thrown all over the floor and my shirt. Tuesday, I got punched in the stomach, by Ash, and my books were thrown away. Wednesday, my locker got spray painted. Thrusday, I got punched and kicked by Ash of course. And his fellow crew members.

Today is now finally Friday. Thank god. Today is also known for the Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony is after school. So I just have to make it through the rest of the school day. Today I also leave for London. FINALLY!! I been for this day my whole life. Today me being to lazy to walk to school I decide to take my car. I got my car as a sixteen birthday present. Even though I never mentioned to my parents that I ever wanted a car. I'm not like those rich girls on Sweet Sixteen who wants a specific car in the color pink. Now thats weird. Driving around in a pink car. The car from my parents was mostly an I'm sorry present. Saying like I'm sorry for missing most of your life and never caring. They did miss most of my life. Gabi's parent have been there more then my parents have. I have always had nannies, babysitters, and had always sleeped over Gabi's house at times. Of course her parents didn't mind. They treated me like if I werewere theres. And I'm okay with that. Gabi's parents are rich too. But I don't care about that. I just care that I actually feel loved by them.

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