playing the player

You think you can just play me I'm the one that's the player i play you! Dallas shouted will He just stood there with that stupid smirk and dimples. He leaned in to her putting his lips to her ear whispering two simple little words she didn't expect to hear. Show me.


1. chapter one


Who left the damn curtains open? That was the first question that came to my mind as I woke up with a killer headache and that damn sunlight shining In my eyes but that's was the least of my problems something or someone was laying on top off me and I couldn't breath. I opened my eyes to look at my latest victim Bradley of course it just had to be him don't get me wrong he's hot and has a lot going for him, but he's just so clingy. Last time I slept with him it took me a whole month to get rid of him usually it takes me a week tops. I quietly got out of bed and put my clothes on trying not to wake Brad but these squeaky ass floors aren't helping like damn he needs to get that shit fixed. I slowly made my way to my shoes i heard the bed lift up I turned around praying that Bradley was still asleep but my worst fear came true as I seen he was up and already had is boxers on. Brad slowly walked over to me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"You're leaving already?"

"uhh yeah I have to get home and change or I'm going to be late for work."

"Dallas stop lying you said that last time we had sex."

"Oh I did?"

"Yeah actually you say that every time we have sex can't you just stay for breakfast this one time?"he asked afterward kissing my neck. "Or maybe we can go another round?"

"Look Brad as much as I would love to I have to go Aubrey will start worrying about me."

"Your roommate?"

"Yes, my roommate I didn't tell her I was leaving the party last night so I have to go"and with that said I gave him a light kiss on the cheek and left.

As I was walking out of the coffee shop in front of Brads house some jerk ran into me making me spill hot tea all over myself.

"Hey watch were you're going asshole," I yelled at the punk with curly hair that just ran into me.

"Why don't you watch it slut."

"Oh yeah real good one like I haven't been called a slut before."

"I wouldn't be surprised you look like you get around," the curly headed freak said with a smirk on his face.

"So what if I do "get around" it's none of your business I can do what I want when I want I'm a adult" I shouted at him "and how are you to judge me with your tattoos and piercing you are a walking danger sign my friend" I added just to piss him off.

"Please don't call me your friend i don't want to be your friend I might catch a disease just looking at you."

"You're such a bastard I don't even know you so stop talking to me."

"Fine bitch and by the way you started talking to me." he yelled making his nostrils flare in anger.

"asshole" I murmured under my breath.

"sorry what did you say whore speak up next time so someone can actually hear you" he said his voice getting louder with every word.

"ASSHOLE" I yelled at the top of my lungs making everybody stare at me like I'm a crazy phyco.

"maybe you should go back to the fucking crazy house you came from yeah" curly said in his normal tone or what I think is his normal tone I just meet the dude.

"you know what fuck you I don't even know why I'm still talking to you I have better things to do then waste my time on a jerk off" and with that I walked off leaving the asshole behind hopefully never to be seen again.

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