playing the player

You think you can just play me I'm the one that's the player i play you! Dallas shouted will He just stood there with that stupid smirk and dimples. He leaned in to her putting his lips to her ear whispering two simple little words she didn't expect to hear. Show me.


3. chapter 3

I was in the middle of curling my hair for this new club Aubrey was talking about. I have to admit I I'm pretty exited I need a new place to go clubbing where I can meet new people to hook up with and I'm not going to Lie I'm in need of a drink.

After I finished curling my hair I sloped into a tight black dress putting on a pair of black pumps to match. I walked over to my body mirror to check myself out and I have to say I look hot but something is missing and that's when it hit me I need some color so I applied red lipstick to too my outfit off, come on what's hotter then red lipstick.

we arrive at the club in no time and let me just say it was packed but I'm not complaining this is my kinda place.

"hey I'm going to the bar to get a drink" I yelled at Aubrey over the loud music.

"okay, hey don't wait up on my tonight I night just find someone to go home with" she giggled.

I just walked off shaking my head at my best friend.

I finally made it to the bar after punching past a bunch of sweaty bodies bumping and grinding on each other.

"what can I get you sweet cheeks?" the bartender asked with a wife smile

He was hot but not really my type but a little flirting never hurt anybody before.

"I would say you but I don't see you on the menu so just give me a red bull vodka" I said sending I wink his way at the end of my sentence.

6 red bull vodkas later I was in the middle of the dance floor grinning on who the hell know but i could tell he was enjoying it because his boner was pressing up against my ass.

"Why don't we get out of here yeah?" the dude said.

"Your place or mine?" I asked him.

"yours my roommates are would give me he'll if I brought a chick home."

"mine it is" I said grabbing him by the hand walking out of the club.

"God your so hot" the dude said against my neck. speaking of dude I never got his name.

"what's our name" I asked


"well Harry I'm Dallas and I'm going to give you the beat night of your life" I whispered in his ear.

Harry kissed my neck down to my chest will unzipping dress.

Ass he got it off I flipped on top of him lifting his shirt over his head and that's when I noticed he was covered in tattoos but I didn't care all I cared about was getting him inside me. I ran my hands down his chest landing at the top of his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned his jean slipping them off.

"that's enough of that" Harry said flipping me over so he was on top of me " I'm in control to night" harry said un clasping my bra. I let out a soft moan as his cupped my breast messaging them.


"you like that?"

I shook my head yes unable to speak.

harry ran his hands down my bare stomach sliding off my under wear. Before I had time to proses what was happening I felt Harry's long fingers enter me.

I let out a load moan as a rush of pleasure hit me.

he started pumping in and out and all I could do was moan will pulling at Harry's curls.

"if you think that's good what until you get my dick inside you"

"pp-please" What was happening to me this is the first time I've ever begged for anything EVER.

I felt Harry's fingers getting pulled out of me and I was a little disappointed. until I notice harry taking off his under wear his duck springing to life.

"Are your ready for this babe"

I shook my head yes the words unable to leave my mouth. I felt Harry's member slowly fill me before I had time to adjust he started thrusting in and out.

"faster" I moaned

"say my name"

"hh-h-arrry faster"

he started thrusting faster and faster and just like that it was over and done with and I have to say it was the best sex I have ever had before.

Harry flipped down on the other side of the bed breathing in and put trying to get his breathing back to normal.

" that was amazing" we say at the same time.

we laughed and Harry pulled me into his chest pulling the covers over us. "goodnight beautiful" Harry said kissing my four head. "goodnight Harry" I said before drifting off into a peaceful rest.

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