playing the player

You think you can just play me I'm the one that's the player i play you! Dallas shouted will He just stood there with that stupid smirk and dimples. He leaned in to her putting his lips to her ear whispering two simple little words she didn't expect to hear. Show me.


2. chapter 2

"Aubrey I'm home!" I yelled closing the front door. "Aubrey are you here?"

"Yeah I'm in my bedroom cleaning out my closet you can in here if you want."

I walked into her bedroom sitting on her bed considering it was the only place not covered in clothes, shoes, and purses.

" I thought you cleaned out your closet last week?" I asked confused because I know for a fact she cleaned out her closet last wee I had to help her.

"yeah I did but you know I didn't really like how everything arranged" she said coming out of her closet carrying a pile of clothes so high she couldn't see we're she was going backing her trip over a pair of shoes.

"hahahahaha y-yyyy-ou shou-ld h-hhh-have seen y-yy-our face" I laughed will trying to catch my breath.

"we're did you go last night" she asked trying to take the attention off her.

"I went home with....somone?" I said making it come out more as a question then a answer.

"I know that when so you not go home with someone"

"stating the obvious at we?" I question trying to change the subject because I really didn't want to tell her who I was with last night.

"yeah I am so who did you leave with?"

"I ran into this asshole in the street this morning he made me spill me tea all over myself."

"Dallas stop trying to change the subject and tell me I think I have a right to know being your ONLY friend!"

"fine I will tell you if you promise not to make a big deal out of it"

" finnnnne I promise want make a big deal out of it." she wined like a five year old who didn't get the toy they want at the store.

"I went home with Brad and we had sex know big deal" I shrugged showing her I didn't care about last night

"Brad I thought you said he was to clingy and he wants more than just sex he wants to settle down and find a good girl."

"I didn't but he's good in bed plus he's hot so it's a win win for me"

"whatever you say Dally" she said rolling her eyes at my last comment."Anyway what about the "asshole" you ran into this morning?" she asked using quotations around asshole.

"you know I don't really feel like taking about it right know maybe later I'm going to take a shower and get sleep." I said not really in the mood to talk anymore.

"oh yeah I was wondering if you want to go to this new club with me, London, Cody, and James?"

"yeah sure I could go for a drink, who knows maybe I will fined someone new to bring home eh?" I said winking at her before leaving her room.

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