Late at Night

A short story about a mysterious woman - or ghost? - that likes to visit the sea late at night.
I wrote this a few years ago, so it isn't great, plus it's very short, but I figured I'd post it anyway.


1. Late at Night

          A lone woman stands on the desolate beach, staring silently out to sea.  Her long, heavy dark hair cascades down her back, the gorgeous waves rippling in the light, sweet-scented breeze.  Her blue-green eyes seem to glow with an unearthly light, the silver specks shining in the ghostly moonlight.  The white gown she wears looks like an old-fashioned, simple wedding dress.  It, too, is lit up with the same unearthly light, shining softly in the semi-darkness.  The waves from the sea rush in and out rhythmically, stretching out towards her sandy bare feet and then retreating back to the safety of the sea.

          You cannot tell what the woman is thinking; you only know that she is waiting.  Waiting; though what for, I cannot tell you.  No one can.  The strange, ghost-like appearance of her unnerves everyone who witnesses this unusual sight, so none stay long to find anything out after sighting the “beach woman”, as she soon came to be called.  Nobody can determine if she really is a ghost, or just someone who likes to visit the sea late at night.

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