Chasing November. | Harry Styles

November was the girl that wanted the disgusting pig to leave her alone. Harry is the boy who didn't give up on trying to gain November's attention. She thought she hated him; he thought that she was going to be easy. Neither expected what was about to happen.

Originally on Wattpad, wanted more reads. So, I'm putting it up on here also. Co-written with my best friend, @JustAnotherTeen369 . (His wattpad name.)


1. Chapter One.

Girl's POV -

I feel like I messed it all up. I-it was only one kiss. How could one kiss completely flip-flop my world? I never wanted things to get so bad. I wish that I could take that kiss back...Or do I? Do I really regret that kiss? Or do I simply regret the harm it caused? If that kiss didn't happen...would he still have gotten in the car...?


First day of college. Fun...Right? First day of freedom. Freedom from your family, failed relationships, enemies. A fresh start. The only thing that I disliked about all this is being alone. Granted, I've never been just the girl-next-door type of gal. I like to have my own little flair. Sadly, that flair has gotten my ass on the line multiple times. Oh, well. I have an attitude. Anyone who doesn't like it can go screw themselves.

Back to the "lifetime memories" I'm a-making here at college. I got lost. Isn't that always the way? New loner chick gets lost on the first day of college, cute guy helps her, they fall in love, I give him my virginity, and we live happily ever after. This is the real world. Most people say I'm pessimist. I prefer the term 'realistic'. For the record, I'm not a virgin. That ship has sailed.

I managed to find a map, and finally got my self acquainted with the campus. I headed towards the girls' dorm building. An entire building filled with hot-head-wannabe-boy-band-groupie-fangirls on their period. Yay. Fun. Not.

I reached my dorm. I pulled out the key to the room I received at orientation. The door swung open to reveal a girl unpacking her suitcases. The room was rather large. Two single beds. Two desks. Two dressers. Two closets. One extra dresser with a tv.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sally Strauss. And you are?" She asked happily.

"Are you sure you're not a rabid squirrel? I can't be sure 'cause of all that energy."

"O-oh, well. I mean, I-I," the blonde stuttered in shock. I mean, I'm not changing my attitude for a 'preppy goody-two-shoes'. Like I said, she can go screw herself.

"Yeah, that's great!" I chuckled. She couldn't even get a sentence formed. What kind of joke is this girl?

I tossed my over-the-shoulder bag onto the twin bed on the right side of the room. I always sleep on the right.

"Move your things, yeah?" I asked Sally. Is that her name? Maybe. I honestly don't remember, and I could care less.

"But, I was wanting this bed, it's a tad bigger, don't you think?" She questioned me. Her eyes were big, they kind of reminded me of two plates. I almost laughed at myself.

"Exactly! That's not why I want it though, I always sleep on the right. Always. I would still make you move even if the other bed was a California King," I said with my 'bitchy' attitude. Looking her dead in the eyes, I could tell she was a little frightened.

As she gathered her stuff and moved out of my way, I threw my other bag onto the bed. It wasn't much; a small carry-on.

"That's all the things you brought?" I heard a high voice now coming from the left side of the dorm.

"Yup," I replied popping my 'p'.

"That's so little, though."

"Your point is," I asked turning around, "Look, can we just unpack in silence? I have to live with you for a few years. We have all the time in the damn world to get to know each other, but I simply don't have any right now. Thanks." I turned back around, and unzipped my bag pulling out my beloved combat boots. I put them to the side, and started unpacking my t-shirts. They were nothing special; mainly blacks, grays, one or two white ones, and some vintage band tees. I brought, maybe, fifteen shirts? Oh well, I can always buy more with my job at Starbucks, the one on campus. Next was the jeans, my oh-so-stylish eleven pairs of skinny jeans. I sincerely hope that you caught my sarcasm. I pulled out one pair of white. Three black. Seven denim. I also have one pair of flare jeans for when I'm feeling the need to 'dress-up'. I also brought underwear, bras, socks, toiletries, a few pair of Vans. I didn't really bring pajamas, considering that I normally sleep in a tank-top or t-shirt and my panties. Sometimes, I even go commando.

I took a glance at my phone, and realized it was almost time to start my new job.

"Shit," I said under my breath.

"What's wrong?" asked my nosy 'neighbor'.

"N-nothing. I gotta go." I quickly left before she had a chance to ask anything else. I made sure I had the dorm key, and walked off.

The walk to the on-campus Starbucks wasn't a long one. I only arrived a few minutes late. That's being fashionably late, though. Right? I headed in, and walked up to the manager.

"You're late," she said.

"I know, Cathy, and I'm sorry."

"Just know that here I can't be your cousin. I'm your boss."

I quickly put on the appropriate Staarbucks attire.

"This guy here is Conner. Conner, meet my cousin. I want you to train her, and help her get on her feet. Think you can do that?"

"Yes, Ma'am." He said with this big smile on his face. He was blonde. Hopefully, he wasn't a stereotypical blonde. He looked nice. Cute. You could even tell he worked out. Nice muscle development.

Conner was walking me through the basics when he thought it was enough to attend my first customer.

"And remember to ask for the customer's name. It sometimes makes it easier to keep track of their order like that." He said.

"Okay. I think I got it."

"You see the guy that just walked in? That cute one there with brown, curly hair. He's a regular, but I never seem to remember his name."

"The 'cute one?'" I asked,"We shall talk more about what you find cute some other time." He blushed a little, and went off to attend the other customers.

"Hi. What can I help you with?" I said putting on my 'happy' act for all these 'lovely' customers.

"I know a thing or two, but if I'd pay it'd make you a hooker." He said.

"Excuse you? Who do you think you are? Do you want a punch in the face?" He smirked as I talked.

"Well, I think I'm Harry Styles. And, I'm here for my usual."

"Which is?"

"You should know since you work here. Just because I've never seen you here doesn't mean you can't memorize my order on your first day."

"Pig," I told him. I knew it was better to walk away before I ended up punching that idiot, "Conner can you take over? I can't deal with him. Switch customers with me?"

"Yeah, sure. Not a problem."


My shift continued without any mishaps. It was now the end of our shift.

"So, not that I don't love calling you 'newbie', but what's you name?" Conner asked. Conner seemed cool. I liked the charisma he had to him.

"Oh, well. It's actually really stupid, if I do say so myself," I responded looking around the room. I was definitely not going to look at him if I was about to state my name.

"Surely not!"

"It's November. November Lee," I sighed, finally looking at him. I wanted to see if he would laugh, or show distaste. I got none of that from him, instead he flashed me a small smile.

"Pretty and unique. I like it," he said wiping down the counter. I shook my head, and went to pick up some of the leftover cups on the small tables from the past half hour.

"I hate it," I quietly remarked.

"Is there any significance to the name?" He asked me, looking genuinely curious.

"Uh, yeah, sadly. It's the month my mom met my fuck-up of a dad." I replied sort of quickly, wanting nothing more than to change the subject at hand. I hated talking about my 'sperm-donor'. Well, my mom didn't go to a clinic to get semen inject into her or anything. He just left when I was seven, and I haven't spoken to him since. Not much of a father, so I just call him my 'sperm-donor'. Great, huh?

Just as Conner and I were done wiping down the last of the tables, the doorbell chimed. Fuck, I forgot to lock it.

I turned to look at who it was, and immediately wish I hadn't. It was the disgusting pig himself. What the hell was he doing back here this late?

"Hello," the British-accented boy spoke to no one in particular, but I felt him looking at me. I sighed, and spun around on the heel of my converse clad feet.

"The hell do you want?" I asked impatiently. I'm simply just not in the mood for his teenage antics. Plus, he's a pervert.

"I just came by to give you this," he paused holding out a small, ripped piece of paper towards me, "so you can actually do good with the service next time. It's my usual. You should probably keep it handy, I come in every morning." He smirked at me, and I ripped the piece of paper from between his thumb and forefinger.

Looking him dead in his green eyes, I ripped it right in half. Three times. Then, I threw it all on the ground, being the bitch that I am.

"Listen here, kid. I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you're not going to come in here acting like you own this damn place, got it? And you're definitely not going to act like my father, you little bitch." I said to him, standing my ground. Seriously, who the fuck does he think he is? Last time I checked, I don't have a dad, and my mom could give two-fucks less what I do.

He laughed at me.

"Well, maybe next time little ole' Conner wont be able to help his new friend out, yeah? I hope you know that you're just provoking me right now." He stated, his eyes glistening with humor. Oh, so he finds this shit funny?

"Get the fuck out, we're closed," I said turning around, "especially for little cunts who think they can run all over the employees."

He chuckled, and finally I heard his footsteps descending. I also heard him mutter something that sounded oddly like, "I like the feisty ones."

Fucking prick.

"Not so cute anymore, huh, Conner?" I asked him as he locked the door from outside.

"Eh," He said, "Not my type. He yours?"

"Ha. Are you fucking joking, dude? The guy's a gross pig. No. What am I talking about? He's worse. Why would I insult pigs like that?" I told him.

"Well, aren't you the classy bitch?"

"Thank you," I said making a grand gesture and bowing.

We walked until we reached the girls' dorm building. What a gentlemen.

"I'll see you next time, Conner," I said as I pulled him into a hug, "I have a full day of classes tomorrow."

"Me too. Maybe we'll have classes together!"

"That'd be great. Then, I'd know that one of the people in my classes aren't complete preppy pricks."

"Ha, right! Goodnight," He walked off, and I headed inside the building. It wasn't too late. I looked at my phone. 10:17. I opened the dorm room. Little miss Sally squirrel was wide awake. She was at her desk reading something on her laptop. Probably a cheesy boy-band fanfic. She seems the type. Maybe some vampire/werewolf stories.

"You're still up?"

"Oh, hey!" She said as she removed her earbuds," How was the first day of work?"

"Are you always this nosy?"

"Do you ever actually answer questions?" She retorted.

"You know what," I asked as I kicked off my shoes, and threw myself on my bed,"I'm not gonna deal with this. I've dealt with people like you all my life. And, I'm not dealing with it any longer."

"What did I do to you? Do you hate me?"

"I hate your type of person."

"What does that even mean!?"

"Squirrel, it means I don't like pasty-faced Daddy's-spoiled-little-girl entitled bitch-wannabes like you."

"Listen here, I'm not one of those girls! You think you know me, but you don't! I'm not this stereotypical rich 'scene' girl you think I am. I've dealt with my fair share of bullies. This, however, is where I draw the line! I'm not a squirrel or anything else either!" She grabbed a suitcase and began rummaging through it, eventually finding pink duct tape," Look," She got on her knees and started spreading the tape on the wood floor. Dividing the room in half," If you don't want to get along then fine! We don't have to. I came here to get a college education, not to get bullied again!"

The room became silent. We readied for bed and went to sleep. Maybe I was a little harsh. It's not like she did anything. Unlike that pig. What was his name? Harold? Something like that. Ugh, I can still picture his stupid, smug face. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. My mind left dreaming about the classes of tomorrow.

A/N: Chapter Two is currently being written. It's almost finished, but if you like the story so far, then hold on and check for an update because it's coming up soon. xx

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