All alone (a niall horan fan fic)

My name is Katy(Kaitlin) both my parents are dead ya I live alone with Niall Horan
he is my best friend.

My four best friends are named: Anne, Mckayla, Macy and belle we are as close as sisters

This is about all the awful things that happens to me with my bad luck


1. The Deaths

Katy's P.O.V

"Nooooooo!" You screamed as you saw your mothers body lying on the ground "She's dead" you think as you fall to the ground

"Hey baby gir..." You dad says as he drops his 17th beer tonight "w-who did this?" He says stuttering "YOU DID YOU DRUNK BASTERD!!" You yell clearly upset. "Don't you yell at me missy!" Your dad say pissed of as he slaps his hand across you face "owwww!!! Wow so you kill your wife and hurt your daughter! Dad you are just sick!"you say as you run into your room and start crying.

*the next morning*

*yawn* you yawn as you get up out of bed. You get out of bed and turn on the news as you would every morning"BREAKING NEWS! Small town man has committed suicide after great guilt of killing his wife." The news reporter says as a picture if you dad pops up on the screen. "D-Dad"is all you can say."I-I am all alone" you say as you burst into tears.

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