Everyone wishes for a cute couple in high school, but only some people get them. Chrissa and Niall are the cutest couple. They have each others back and love each other a lot. Its not to long until Chrissa's best friend, Clare, realizes theres something fishy going on. What could it be?


1. New school

   POV is abbreviated for Point Of View, just incase you didn't know. :^}


   Savanna's POV

 It was the day. The day i go to the new school. I had just moved to Florida with my mom and dog. I was really sad leaving all my friends behind in New jersey, but now i don't have to face all those hard winters. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach grow stronger. It is 7:17 and if i want to make it to school on time i have to get a move on. "Sav, you have to leave now" my mom yelped from down stairs. 

"im coming" i screeched as the butterflies swarmed. I galloped down the stairs and out the door."bye" i shouted to my mom. I waited  a few seconds for a response but there was no answer. "whatever" i shrugged. 

I had finally arrived to the school after that long walk. Lets go beat 10th grade, i thought. i sat down in my home room seat and started to gaze. the teacher went through the names as i gazed even deeper,until now, she had called a name , Niall Horan , there was no response. the room went silent until he walked in.

"s-sorry, mrs., mrs., .... Oh mrs.buckles" he choked up. I could tell it was his first time being late. i turned around to take a look at him and WOOAH. It was like staring at the heavens. His little blue eyes and his blondish gold hair,rushing towards me."wait what w- why is he coming towards me" i thought . i watched a little longer and OH, he sits behind me.   

   Niall's POV

i sat down as quickly as i could. "oh no" i thought "wheres my pen". "Excuse me", i tapped the girl in front of me. She turned around in an instant. At that moment i knew she was going to be mine. Her beautiful brown-blonde hair layed perfectly down her back and her gorgeous hazel eyes glared at me. It was love at first sight. "um.. can i borrow a pen please" i said in a shaky voice.

"here keep it, my mom went crazy on school supplies" she said handing me a pen.

"oh ok thanks..."i paused " whats your name"

"its Savanna"

she turned around and scooted her chair out a little making it touch my foot. i left it  there cause it gave me no bother.

*next day*

Savanna's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone. I open my eyes and i look at the clock. 6:13. Why was my phone buzzing this early, i thought. well actually it was probably only early for me because most of the kids in my grade wake up at 5:30.I picked up my phone and read a text message.

hi its Niall, you know i sit behind you in home room. i was just wondering if you walk to school. if you do shoot me back a text, maybe we can walk together.    ;^}




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