Everyone wishes for a cute couple in high school, but only some people get them. Chrissa and Niall are the cutest couple. They have each others back and love each other a lot. Its not to long until Chrissa's best friend, Clare, realizes theres something fishy going on. What could it be?


2. getting ready

Savanna's POV

"WHAT" i shouted "I CANT BELIVE HE JUST.........AHHHHH".  I probably shouldn't of screamed this loud, i might of woke my mom. But right now i don't care, i need to send back the perfect message.

sounds lovely! ill meet you outside my house at 7:15. See you soon! :^) 

As soon as i sent it , he read it. It made me feel good, having someone care enough to read my text messages. Back in New Jersey i wasn't the complete "popular girl"but i wasn't the complete "dorky girl" i was somewhere in-between them. I think its called normal, but i wasn't really sure what that meant. "hmm" i sighed. "wait i need to get a great out fit on for the walk, well and for school. " I began to rummage through my cardboard boxes since i never unpacked yet. i found a really cute shirt  saying "I <3 vampires ". I put that on with some black jeans that matched really well. Now that i had the outfit ,i needed the perfect make up. I put on some light lipstick and eyeshadow matching my shirt. After that i went down stairs, at that time it was already 6:49. I packed my backpack and sat on the couch. "OH MY GOD MY HAIR" I rushed up stairs. I brushed it through and tied it up in a cute bun. I went back down stairs and sat on the couch.

"Savanna , are you awake " my mom yelled.

"no" i sarcastically replied

I heard a moan-crackle sound from upstairs but i wasn't sure if it was her or the house settling , so i stayed quiet. I couldn't get him off my mind. Just everything about him was wonderful. "I really hope i don't mess my chance up" i mumbled. I began to watch the tv again. Before i knew it , it was 7:15."bye mom" i shouted loudly.

"bye have a good day at school" she replied

"k" i said. 

I walked out the door and there he was standing on the side walk, So handsome, so amazing. I slowly walked towards him , making it seem i wasn't sitting on the couch waiting for him.



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