Everyone wishes for a cute couple in high school, but only some people get them. Chrissa and Niall are the cutest couple. They have each others back and love each other a lot. Its not to long until Chrissa's best friend, Clare, realizes theres something fishy going on. What could it be?


3. Friend Zone

Niall's POV

"i love your shirt" i said peeking out my voice.

"oh thanks" she uttered. I need to get out of the small talk zone,idea's, idea's........ i thought.

"so tell me about your self , not to be nosey but since were friends i'd like to get to know you?" i said shrugging my shoulders.

Savanna's POV

My life is pretty boring, i thought Like what am i gunna tell him, like about WAIT HE SAID WE WERE FRIENDS. At that moment a smile went on my face.

"well.. i live with my mom and my dog , breezy, um.. my dad left us when i was three , never seen him since, my favorite color is purple, i like cheerleading and i obsess vampires, a little , if thats not weird , *cough*"

"Vampires will never be weird' he said. 

"so tell me about you , friend" i said smirking

"ok , friend" he smirked back " i live by my self , in an apartment , 

my parents died about 2 years ago in a car accident , my favorite color is blue , i like football , and i too, obsess  vampires." he said confidently. 

"Were going to be great friends" i said. We both chuckled. Instantly we arrived at the school. We said our goodbyes and planned the same thing for tomorrow. .





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