You Make Me Strong

Leela is from a small Caribbean island name Jamaica. She just moved to London to live with her dad, sister and step-mom. She is expected to start college soon but she just wants to relax before she starts. When she visits the beach with her friends one cool afternoon in summer she never expected to meet a guy that understands her as much as she understands him.


3. The date

Leela! Leela! I heard someone calling out my name. I woke up to Emily, Sam and Alex in my room sorting through my closet. " Girls, what time is it?" I asked. " Its time for you to get up and get ready for your date with Liam girl!" Alex said. "Ugh, I know its not that late." I said. 

I looked at my phone and the time said 3:25 pm. I was shocked, I was still jet lagged from the flight. I got out of bed, went to the kitchen, drank some orange juice and then went upstairs to take a shower. I noticed my parents weren't home then I remembered that they left to visit my aunt for a week last night.This is going to be the best week ever.

I got out of the shower and saw a mini floral dress, a pair of pink pumps and gold accessories. "Girls this outfit looks good." I said. "Really? Its gonna look even better on you." Emily said. They did my hair in a ponytail and I dressed myself up. I looked great. "Wow! You look great Leela." Sam said. " Thanks guys. Group hug?" I asked. We gathered for a hug and then they gave me my clutch and took a picture. Knock, knock! " C'mon," the girls said. I opened the door and saw a man standing in a jacket suit he said " Leela?". I said " Yes sir, that's me." He shook his head and said shall we. I looked behind me and said goodbye to the girls, they were staying until I got back. 

I entered the shiny, black car and it drove me to an apartment building. It was really tall and made of glass. I came out of the car and the driver opened the apartment door for me, we got into the elevator and he took me to the 35th floor. There stood Liam, he was dressed in casual clothes but I didn't get that memo. 

"Hi Leela," he said then hugged me. " Hi Liam, are you alright?" I asked. " Yea, hope you are too," he said. He opened his door and I went in. " This is a cool apartment," I said. He laughed and said " thanks." 

He led me to the couch and we sat down. "So I am kind of a shy person when it comes on to these things. I was  just so attracted to you when I saw you at the beach that I had to approach you." he said. I giggled and replied "Its OK, Liam, I am a shy person too." 

"You might think this is cheesy but my idea of a date is us watching toy story and eating dinner." he said smirking. " Lol, Its ok I'm sure it'll be fun," I said. He started the movie. " I love your accent," I said. He giggled and said "thank you. Tell me about yourself." he added while watching the movie.

" Well, I'm from Jamaica. I came here to attend college and I live with my dad, step mom and sister. I love music pop, rap and r&b to be exact. I love purple and pink. The rest you'll find out later" I said. " Ok, I love rap music and purple too. I am in a band, I like you, lol and I love having fun with the lads." he said. 

Did he say I like you? No he didn't. Yes he did. I was blushing a lot. I like him too and we seem to have things in common, he is really like a normal teenager. I was having fun. He got up and held out his hand, I held his hand and he led me to the dining table. I laughed when I saw the pizza on the plate and then I spotted chocolate." I love chocolate," I said. " So do I," he said.

We sat down,ate and we talked for hours. He is a cool lad and I liked him even more now. My phone beeped and I saw that it was a text from Emily which said " How's the date? Are you having fun?" I smiled and answered "yea I am having fun and its great." I could sense Liam looking at me and then I looked up and he looked away. I smiled and pretended like I didn't see. I looked at my phone and the time said 1 am, I didn't even realize it was that late. 

" Leela, this was fun and I hope we can do it again, I really like you. The band is on break and we don't have a next tour until the next three months. I would love to see you again. he said."Sure, you already know my address and you have my number. This has been fun and I like you too." I said. He leaned over the table and we kissed. It felt amazing; He knows his stuff! 

"I'll talk to you later," he said. "Yea," I replied. He opened the door and the driver took me home. The girls woke up as I opened the door smiling anxiously for me to tell them what happened.

"Girls it was great, we watched toy story, ate pizza and chocolate and we talked for hours. We even kissed girls." I exclaimed." "Yesss!!!!" they screamed. "Girls, shhh its late remember." I said. "So is he your boyfriend now?" Alex asked. "I don't know, I mean I guess you can say that" I said.

Is he my boyfriend? I don't know.. Yes.. I hope he is. I haven't felt this way about a boy since Scott and that was a year ago, Liam is different and I hope he doesn't break my heart. "Girls, lets go to bed, he's coming over tomorrow so you'll meet him. "Ok, love" Sam said excitingly.  


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