You Make Me Strong

Leela is from a small Caribbean island name Jamaica. She just moved to London to live with her dad, sister and step-mom. She is expected to start college soon but she just wants to relax before she starts. When she visits the beach with her friends one cool afternoon in summer she never expected to meet a guy that understands her as much as she understands him.


2. He text me !

"Cmon guys, time to go !" I said. " Ok, ok" they exclaimed. "Leela, who was that guy that came up to you?" Scott asked.  " Uhm... Liam Payne, why do you ask?" I replied. " Oh nothing" he said in a weird way. 

I brushed off Scott's reply to my question, though it was a bit weird but I was too excited to pay attention to it. We went to the same Mc'Donald's where we met and we ordered our food and we sat there laughing. You know, just catching up on what we did for the past year. Then my phone beeped, I looked at it and saw an unknown number, I opened the message and it said hey, its Liam. Are u free tomorrow? I was psyched. I could hear my head thinking what should I say? am i free? Then I replied Yea I think I am.  Not even a minute went by and my phone beeped again. Ok, I'll see you tomorrow. Don't worry I'll have someone pick you up at your house. I could do nothing more than say Ok, I'll see you then.

Guys! Guess what?" I exclaimed. " what?" they said. " I have a date with Liam tomorrow, I can't believe it," I said. " That's great Leela, we'll pick out your outfit and do your makeup, we'll do everything." The girls said.

Scott didn't look all that happy but I didn't want to say anything. We had a short relationship last year but because I had to go home after summer, we had to break up. Since we broke up he has been seen with two girls, I've not dated anyone. I sorta thought when I move to London we could get back together but I thought wrong. He has a girlfriend, they have been together for 3 months so I don't see why he's acting this way when I bring up Liam. 

" Scott, why are you so silent?" Alex asked. " Oh nothing", he said. " That's the second time you've said that today." Emily said. He laughed and said "Nothing is wrong. I'm happy that you've met someone Leela but he's a singer, they tour and do all sorts of stuff. Are you sure you're up for that?"

I sighed and held down my head thinking. " Scott, you're acting like I'm going to marry the guy, its just a date. You know something people do to get to know each other." I said. " Thanks for looking out for me but I think I can handle it myself." I added. He nodded and at that same moment his girlfriend walked through the door.

" Hi everyone!" she said. She seemed perky but I just smiled and said sup. I asked her name and she said Jenna. "I'm Leela," I said. She asked Scott if he wanted to accompany her home and he got up said goodbye then left. 

" Guys, can you take me home?" I asked. "Sure." Sam said. I was exhausted, I needed to sleep and that's what I did when I got home.

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